• Whistl Tracking

    Whistl Tracking information and Three Methods to do the Tracking

    Whistl tracking is something often done by the customers of the company. As we all know, Whistl is UK-based parcel delivery service that send goods all across Britain and even beyond. If you have a parcel or package sent using this company’s service, how to track the current location of the parcel? Thankfully there are a lot of methods to do that. Here are some of the best ways for you to track the parcel.

    1. Contact the Customer Service
    The best way to do parcel tracking at Whistl is by contacting the customer service. There are numerous officers of Whistl Company that will be ready to answer your phone call or reply your email. The whereabout of the parcel currently will be informed by the customer service officer right after that. The number to call is 01628 891 644 and you can also send email to whistl@owlms.com.

    2. Tracking Portal on the Official Website

    One of the easiest Whistl tracking methods that you can try is to use the tracking portal. As one of the biggest companies when it comes to delivering goods, Whistl has established its own tracking portal that their customer can use with ease. All they need to do is basically going to the portal.

    It is available at https://trackmyitem.whistl.co.uk/tracking and then entering the Whistl reference number on the available box. After that, press the “Track This Parcel” button on the right of the box. The information about where the parcel is currently at will be displayed soon. Make sure you have access to the reference number before trying this tracking method.

    3. Live Chat on the Official Website
    There is also live chat feature at Whistl. The live chat feature allows you to have conversation via chatting with the customer service officers. The live chat is available on the official website of Whistl. However, you can also contact Whistl tracking contact number of 01628 702 965 to find out more about the availability of the live chat. The live chat is usually accessible on Monday to Friday at 08:30 – 17:30.

    Those are some of the best ways for you to perform the tracking. Make sure you choose the simplest and easiest method in order to keep an eye on your parcel or packages easier. By Whistl tracking, the parcel will get delivered to you on time and you will be glad when receiving it for sure.

  • outdoor roller shades
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    Exterior Roller Blinds Types for Every House Patio Design

    When it comes to exterior design and furniture, outdoor roller shades are something that might be worth buying. You should consider the fact that outdoor activities means exposing our skin and body to direct ultraviolet light from the sun, uncounted rainwater drops, snowfall, wind, and any other natural touch that may happened outside. If clothes are meant to protect the body, then exterior roller blinds are meant to protect the house.

    These shades really come in handy especially for around the patio area where people usually enjoy refreshing times outside. The shades also help control how much area want to be illuminated by sunlight. Well, there are three types of exterior roller shades that perfectly fit into house exterior design. Here they are.

    Blackout Exterior Roller Shades

    The very first curtain-like shades can block every inch of lights from passing through your window. It can turn outdoor spaces from extremely bright into a complete blackout. The type has been used early around the European houses as a part of energy saving concept. It can act as a barrier from any outside exposure, thus has been utilized as cooler and heater substitute.

    Anti-insects Roller Screens

    Houses in tropical area have been dealing with insect problems since the very first beginning of their development. Anti-insect’s roller screens are used to prevent those little creatures from entering the house. These outdoor roller shades especially made with closely sewn fabric to avoid insect disturbances. As fabric outdoor roller shades, usually the measurement of the sewn fabric distance can be customized according to the insect’s size that has been dealt with.

    Patio Shades

    Modern outdoor living spaces like patios serve as comfortable recreation spaces for everyone. That is why it is needed to keep it cool and warm enough. For that, patio shades are the most suitable choice. It adjusts lights, brings warmth, easy to control and has huge variations of design, style and color. It also available for every type of outdoor window, arch and frame.

    Those three are the most recommended shades for any exterior compartments. Before deciding which to buy, please assure some important notes like the location of patio, how much light you would like to get with the shade, do you need the full blocked type or light-dispersing one, and what design and style would match the current outside living spaces perfectly. After thorough consideration, you are ready to pick the perfect outdoor roller shades for your living necessities.

  • Wood Looking Linoleum Flooring

    Wood Looking Linoleum Flooring to Easily Decorate Your Room with Natural Vibe

    Flooring is important thing to consider, and wood looking linoleum flooring becomes good recommendation to choose. Flooring has important roles for your house. It determines the comfort in your house since people will always walk on it. Then, it is also important for the decoration. Therefore, it is highly necessary to find good quality of flooring, and linoleum can become good product to pick.

    When you go to stores to get good flooring, you will find various kinds of wood looking lino flooring. There is also vinyl flooring, and these two are similar although they have different types of material. In this case, there is good linoleum flooring with texture of wood for your solution. It is good product in terms of quality and design. You will not get disappointed with your house flooring.


    As what is found, the design is interesting. It takes the design of oak flooring. Of course, it will be pricy when you take the real oak woods for flooring. That’s why you can choose linoleum flooring as solution. It gives the same vibes as original wooden flooring, and it will make your room nicer.

    The color tone is also great. It takes the tone of good wood and they are in good pattern. It looks like you are using bars of oak woods on the floors. They are arranged neatly to give good look. It is good to choose, and it will give best combination when you also have some kinds of wooden furniture.


    Although wood looking linoleum flooring is good in term of design, it is still important to consider the quality. It will be less interesting when it only has design, yet it does not provide good quality. Luckily, the linoleum flooring is manufactured to give the best durability. It will last long and the pattern is locked well. Therefore, it will not easily fade away.

    Then, it is also durable against some small scratches. You have nothing to worry even if your kids keep playing in the house. Even, when you have pets inside the room, their steps will not ruin the design and surface of the flooring. It is also easy to install and clean.

    All of them are the great points offered by linoleum flooring. It will be good recommendation and you will not regret for picking the product. It gives you both design and quality, so your room will look better with wood looking linoleum flooring.

  • Deck Mount Tub Faucet

    Deck Mount Tub Faucet with Sprayer in Vintage and Traditional Design

    In case you are looking for new faucet, deck mount tub faucet with sprayer can be the great reference. Faucet is important part in your house. It will be found in your sink and other area at home. Although it may look simple, it will be big troubles when the faucet is broken. That’s why it is important to check your faucet.

    Well, when you need the faucet with sprayer for your bathtub, this product is good option for you. It is not just good in term its function. Moreover, it gives you great built quality. The design is also nice to make your bathroom classier. Surely, there are some interesting points offered by the deck mount bathtub faucet with sprayer.

    Material and built quality

    In term of material, you will get the best material that will provide high durability. You can use the faucet easily and it will not easily get broken even if you use the faucet aggressively. It is made of metal, so it is sturdy. Then, it has polished chrome. It will make sure the rusts will not become big problem. In case it is dirty due to some stains, it can be wiped easily.


    For the design, it offers vintage look. Its polished chrome is not only for the sake of built quality and durability. It also makes the faucet look attractive. The vintage look and chrome provide great combination of luxury touches for bathroom. The design and color of deck mount tub faucet with sprayer will blend well in bathroom decor, even when you are choosing domination of black there.

    Then, the hand shower is another interesting point for its design. It has the design of traditional telephone. It suits well in your hand and it is equipped with different tone of material for the handling of shower to show the character of traditional phone. Surely, it looks great.


    The function is actually to give easy access in your bathtub. Then, it has two parts for the access of water. There is faucet and hand shower. You can easily set the hot or cold water, and there is knob to set the temperature as well as the type of water. If you want to use hand shower, there is also unique form of handle to switch.

    Those are some great things offered by the faucet. It brings you both design and function. The vintage and traditional look will be good part of your bathroom. Then, there is also good durability offered by the deck mount tub faucet with sprayer.

  • Bookshelves with Lights

    Bookshelves with Lights: How to Put the Light into the Bookcase by Yourself

    Bookshelves with lights are like everything the book nerds need to have. As much as they love their life, that is how much they love reading a book. Reading a good book can really open up those empty space in someone’s thought. This activity also turns someone into empowered and inspirational human being, as well as a well purpose-driven person. Yet sometimes it becomes a hassle when we can only read at night but the bookshelf doesn’t have any built-in bookshelf lighting. Don’t worry, because now, you can put it in yourself. Pay attention to these simple tips:

    Single Lighting for Single Bookcase

    If you only have a single bookcase in your house, then it is best to install single lighting too. Too much light usually will end up looking too bright as well as taking up too much electricity. It is recommended to put rite lite lamp just on top of the shelf to illumine the whole bookcase. There are tons of stylish bookcase lamps that could be installed. To mention one is battery operated picture light.

    Use Battery-powered Light Bulb

    If you want some eco-friendly lamps, utilize the battery powered light bulbs. These objects can be found in every electricity stores all around the world. With this, realization of having bookshelves with lights is just so much easier. The best part is, anyone can choose to adjust the lamp model into the bookshelf’s style. The models are varying; there are the one that can be folded over, or that one bulb that just shines at the corner top of the bookshelves. Moreover, there is modern lighting that can be controlled remotely by using a hand remote or phone. It would be very convenience for those who care so much about their electricity bills, right?

    Installing Built-in Lighting

    This one might be a bit risky, yet it worth the efforts. This tip requires a beginner level knowledge in electricity. By taking advantage of the power supply, you can place an outlet at just the right spots in your bookcase. Be sure not to place the socket too close to any easy inflammable surface like paper or plastic book cover.

    When installed properly, the lighting appliances within the bookcase would illuminate it beautifully as well as decorating the room nicely. So, what are you waiting for? Choose one of the above methods and install your own bookshelves with lights now!

  • Primitive Curtains with Stars

    Primitive Curtains with Stars: What and How Should They Be Accompanied With

    If you are a fan of country styling, you should definitely check out the primitive curtains with stars as an option. This curtain models are very suitable to present primitive or rustic feeling around the house. This style really embraces village aesthetic look. Thus, the use of primitive styled furniture really compliments the warmth and simplicity it offers. Also, it would suit wooden flooring and ceiling the best because of the natural vibes it creates around.

    This country style curtains really do have so much furniture and styling preference to be paired up with. Those are listed as follows.

    Organic-based furniture and ornaments

    As aforementioned, using organic-based furniture throughout the house really expose the nature side of the house. There are some really nice ideas about it, though. What is often used are putting pebbles or any earthy materials in certain places or spots in the house. These could be a resemblance of furniture, like dinner table foot that is made of joined gems, or flower vase that created with cemented stones. These gems would be a beautifier that worked best together with the primitive curtain.

    Nature-colored pallets

    Aside from what material they are made from, it is important to pick just the right color to match the curtain. Primitive curtains with stars are usually provided in nature-colored pallets, such as grassy green, brick red, stone grey, or rustic blue. These colors extract the primitive side of the curtains and bring it outside, evoking calm yet stylish scenery around the air.


    Handmade decorations


    The third reference is almost similar with the first point, but generally different. Handmade meaning something that you create yourself. By putting handmade decorations, you will emphasize your personality a lot throughout the house, as well as creating the feeling of owning the nature of your own home. To be simple, try putting your handmade wooden dinner table right at the opposite side of the dining room window.

    The fact is, there are more preferences beside those three. Yet, those are some of the simplest ideas that almost anyone can follow through. Putting up primitive curtains on your window would feel so much more complete with those items being around. Also, don’t forget that you can always put some stellar-themed items like a rustic telescope facing the window for addition. It would really fit the stars on the curtains well. But first, be sure to grab those primitive curtains with stars first, as it is the main item for your rustic room.

  • Koyo blankets

    Choosing Koyo Blankets that Will Last for a Long Time

    Koyo blankets are known to be a very comfortable blanket. It is one of recommended blankets to have. As it offers warmth, it is very suitable for those who live in cold weather. This blanket is very great to use in winter season for sure. Do you have one already? You might have known that the blanket is also known as mink blanket. Mostly, it is not really made from mink but it can give mink feel when using it. In order to give more information about it, let’s dig deeper.

    Korean mink blanket is the famous one. Compared to China mink blanket, you are suggested to buy Korean blanket instead of China blanket. Even a blanket that is claimed from Japan may be manufactured from China. Therefore, choosing the one from Korea is highly recommended. In addition, there are various brands that provide best material to enjoy. You need to know them, so you can experience the finest blanket. Just so you know that the best one can last for a very long time. It is great for those who like to buy best goods that are durable.

    Wonu Trix has ranked on the first place. It is thick but it is very soft. It is known as heaviest and newest blanket from Korea. You will feel comfortable using it since it is the leader in term of softness. It is durable and has a life span for over 20 years. Solaron is the next best mink blanket. It is not as thick and soft as Wonu Trix. If you think the first one is too heavy and too hot, Solaron can be the best option. Koyo blankets places in the third rank. It is similar to Osaka, Poptex, and also Nanoron mink blankets. It is quite lighter compared to the Solaron even though it seems to be softer. The life span is between 15-20 years.

    To add the list of Korean mink blankets, there is Golden Bear. It is another good manufactured blanket that will last for more than 20 years. It is comparable to Solaron for its softness and weight. Since Golden Bear and Solaron are same in its quality, you can choose one of them. Other brands that are less in quality and cheaper are Wonu: Safari, Signature Blankets, White Blanket, Apple Blanket, Pentron, Dolphin Brand, and many more. Wonu Trix to Koyo blankets have been mentioned there and hopefully you can meet the perfect mink blanket for you.

  • dog toys for aggressive chewers

    Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers with Indestructible Material and Attractive Design

    Owner needs dog toys for aggressive chewers for some reasons. Dogs are the animal with strong teeth and jaw that could tear apart fluffy thing. Moreover, your dog likes to enjoy playing, and toys are something that has to be ready. During playing session, there is time when the dog bites and wants to chew that toy. Vulnerable material is easy to fall into small pieces. Most importantly, that debris or piece might be in dog mouth with risk for reaching the intestinal. To overcome this situation, you need proper toys for aggressive chewer.

    How do you tell that your dog is aggressive? The simple way is in the toy itself. If you see much bitten mark, it is solid proof where the recent toy is no longer support. Some dog breeds have strong jaw with aggressive character. Pitbull and Labrador are known for having this issue. Therefore, it is time to bring better toys with indestructible material and high quality compound.

    Before going to the store, you should consider few basic things about dog toys for aggressive chewers. The material is the key and you have few options. Rubber is common for this kind of toy due to high durability. After that, you should consider safety because each material has different quality. You should read the manual to understand any risk when giving the dog that toy. Next thing is appearance or design. Dog has sense to recognize interesting toy based on shape and size. You can buy the one with bright color. Below list provides general ideas about reliable toy for dog with aggressive chewer issue.


    Rubber ball and static toy

    The most common toy is rubber ball. You can have it with various colors then start playing easily. As similar to rubber ball, other toys with static mode are good option to keep the dog in check. Static means you do not need to operate manually or automatically.


    Flying toy or moving thing

    To soothe aggressive character, dog owner often brings the toy for outdoor activity. You can throw or kick toy then the dog will catch it. In that situation, dog feels excited and the toy might receive strong bitten force. Therefore, you just need to pick solid and indestructible flying toy to accommodate such situation.

    Well, the toys should adjust with dog breed and characteristic. Even though the dog is at home all day long, aggressive chewing is still inevitable. That’s simple way when you intend to purchase dog toys for aggressive chewers.

    Via Petsepark.com

  • Plant Bedroom Wall

    Plant Bedroom Wall : A Creative Idea For Your Bedroom

    Having a natural atmosphere coming to our bedroom is a hard thing to do, but that will always work if you take plant bedroom wall for the interior design. Bedroom is part of the house that we are going to spend most of the time at the house. Because of that, making it not only comfortable to stay in, but also fun to enjoy is the first thing to do. In that case, what can beat the design which can connect the bedroom to the nature quite well? The answer is nothing.

    As visualized by Anthony Kalambet, you can see that the plant bedroom wall is a quite brilliant idea to make that happen for your bedroom. The plants is planted on the wall and let it become the natural ornament of the bedroom. Many architecture has been well-aware of this design, so you do not have to worry about the whole thing. One thing that you have to learn from this bedroom design is the balance. You do not need to plant every walls with plants. Just pick one side of the bedroom wall for the area and let other made or covered with wood. Having a wood bedroom walls will support this plant wall to give the room a natural look.

    All you can do to make this work well is finding the perfect wood color which can perfectly match with the plant wall. One good example for this problem is shown in these pictures. The wood chosen for the wall is the dark-red wood one. This kind of wood is easily found in many furniture store. To make this design look nicer, you pick up some hanging bedroom lamps with fixtures made form the same wood. In the end, you wild find your bedroom look very comfortable and fun with the plant bedroom wall.

  • artistic wall paintings

    Artistic Wall Paintings For Large Living Room Design

    Having an empty wall is one major problem that everyone is facing when they have a generously-sized living room and that is what artistic wall paintings are for. Wall painting is aimed at making the empty wall in the large living room looks nice and well-managed. Besides, many home designers have suggested to put some wall paintings in the living room too even though it is not quite large. Wall painting will never fail at making the living room look nicer.

    One perfect example is an apartment in Manhattan’s TriBeCa as you see from the pictures I took from Designestyle.com. It is designed and managed by Soren Rose Studio. As you can see from the pictures, the living room si quite generous in size and the wall is dominantly painted white. White is a color that you choose when you want to make the room look visually bigger, but that is fine too when the room is big as long as you can deal with it like what Soren Rose Studio does. One solution that the room designer take to deal with this problem is by having some large-sized colorful, artistic wall paintings hanging on the wall.

    Having  some colorful wall paintings on the white wall is great in neutralizing the brightness of the room. This idea is well-arranged by the designer in the picture. Another great idea that we can learn from this room design is the furniture selection. Picking up a long sofa for a large-sized living room is great. This sofa will perfectly blend with the size of the living room easily. The sofa is nicely complemented with a long coffee table and a floor carpet. At the end of the day, in short, artistic wall paintings are a great ways in making your generously-sized living room to look nicer and more sophisticated.

  • Whetstone knife sharpener

    Whetstone Knife Sharpener, as the Best Choice for Conventional Sharpening System

    If you are old-fashioned people who love to keep the tradition, Whetstone knife sharpener is a good choice for your sharpening system. It cannot be denied that technology grows really fast and already penetrate all aspects of life. Even the simple thing like knife sharpening, there is sophisticated technology that offers ease and convenience. Nevertheless, keeping the conventional sharpener never goes wrong. Whetstone really understands your need of traditional sharpening system for knives.

    Whetstone knife sharpener stone is simply designed with 2-side stone. It is really easy to use this sharpener, as simple as giving pressure to the edge of blade on the stone surface. The ceramic whetstone comes in a medium grade that is suitable to sharpen all straight knives. The two sides consist of coarse and fine side. The grey coarse side can be suitably used to remove small flaws from the blade. Meanwhile, the green fine side is for the smooth and sharp edge.

    Choosing traditional knife sharpener from Whetstone will free your mind from tricky maintenance. The new sharpener with sophisticated technology sometimes needs more maintenance. This ceramic stone is almost maintenance free. You can use it anytime and anywhere you want. However, you need to consider several things before using the sharpener.

    Before using Whetstone knife sharpener, you have to remember these things. First, immerse the ceramic stone in the water at least 10 minutes before use. It allows you to sharpen the knife in smooth way as well as free the surface from metal dust. Second, choose the flat surface to place the sharpener. Make sure the position is secure enough for you to do the sharpening. This is surely for your own safety. The last important thing is about the technique. Using the whole stone surface is the best technique. It helps avoid the stone from bowling out.

    Do you want to make your knife sharpener lasts for years? Your sharpener deserves simple maintenance to make it stay in your kitchen for a long time. To keep it in a good condition, you need to clean the ceramic stone with hot water. Do this after every sharpening. That is all you need to maintain the sharpener stone. To keep your knives in best condition, it is recommended to sharpen the blade several times in a year. Realign the edge for better use. In conclusion, Whetstone knife sharpener offers easy and simple way to maintain the sharpness of your knife.

  • under-stair storag

    Under-Stair Storage System: The Best Idea For Making Use Of The Under-Stair Space

    Having a small-sized flat with limited space to utilize will make you to be creative in making the best use of every single space left for your belonging. One thing that you can always do is having an under-stair storage. Many people with small flat have a lofted bed as one of the way to make the limited space is used wisely. One perfect example is the one which you can see from the pictures. The room is managed by 3XA team and it is actually an apartment located in Wroclaw, Poland.

    As the time goes by, you have witnessed many furniture companies have made the lofted bed with many creative design. You have no problem with that. However, one thing that leave you with a question is the space left under the stair of the lofted bed. Many people have the same problem and have left it empty. In fact, if you can manage it well, the space left is very quite enough to hold some books and other stuffs as you can see from the under-stair storage idea in these pictures.

    It is seen in the picture than the space left under the stairway which connects the floor and the lofted bed is well-used by the designer to create a nice bookshelves. This is very nice idea as everyone will have books in their small-sized flat and do not even try to lie about how much time you have been confused where to put your book collections in a such small place. This idea is the answer of that situation. In fact, the bookshelves under the stair can also be used to hold other stuffs too, such as trophies, cassettes, CDs, and maybe your clock. With this under-stair storage, you can make the best use of the space left under the stairway.

  • Nice Chair For The Kitchen Island

    Swing Seat : A Nice Chair For The Kitchen Island

    When it comes to kitchen design, many people have found themselves in big trouble. It is not because the kitchen decoration is very difficult, it is just because many people have not been aware of the essence of the kitchen itself : A place for cooking and having meals. Many people have decorated their kitchen with many furniture which are not practical and even make their kitchen lose its essence. One thing that always works out with the kitchen decoration plan is the chair. One perfect example is a swing seat for kitchen island in these pictures.

    The pictures are the visualization created by Jakub Komrska. The swing seat for kitchen island is very nice and practical for the kitchen. Plus, do not forget that this idea is very fresh and new too. As the visitors comes into your kitchen, this simple yet enchanting chair will be the one which will get complimented by them. You will find it easily in many furniture stores nearest you. It is generally made from the wood, but some other materials are also used lately.

    From the picture, you can see that the designer has chosen the chair to live up the kitchen. Simply put, the kitchen is very simple in design and quite monotonous, indeed. The color is plain white with a kitchen island made form alabaster stone. If you have the same kitchen, you need to shake things a little bit to give it a fresh look. That it what this swing seat is for. It is placed to serve people who eat on the kitchen island in case the dining chairs cannot hold the people who come. However, you make to make sure that the rope hanging the seat is strong enough to hold an adult. Discuss it with your carpenter. Once you have done it, this swing seat for kitchen island is ready to go and be the favorite chair of the house.

  • Professional Knife Sharpener

    Professional Knife Sharpener to Aid Sharpening Regular Household Knives

    Professional knife sharpener is recommended if you regularly use knives in your house. It is able to process your knife with satisfying and longer lasting result. Its price point is actually not so far off from the regular one. Instead of paying other people to sharpen your knife, this process can be done at home easily. Here are the recommended sharpeners designed for professionals that can be used as regular household knives.

    First option is Model 4643 ProntoPro from Chef’s Choice. According to Tourne Cooking, which you can read here. This sharpener works manually in three stages with the help of authentic diamond abrasive. It has angle control that will aid you in creating 15 or 20 degree edge. CrissCross technology used for this tool helps the durability of sharpened edge. The handle is soft to touch so that you can grip it securely. This professional knife sharpener is indeed a great deal and comes with one year warranty.

    Next model still comes from Chef’s Choice, namely model Trizor XV. This electric can easily transform your regular 20 degree class knife into 15 degree edge knife that can perform better. It works in three stages with separate sharpening and honing steps for sharper and longer lasting edges. Trizor XV is able to process straight and serrated edges. It works fast, only a minute for new knife then ten seconds for the next sharpening process. There is three years warrant that comes with the purchase.

    Next is Premium Multi-Stage Sharpener from Master Grade. This professional knife sharpener is recommended for home usage because it does not take too much space and is easy to use. It has minimum blade angle of 11 degree and maximum of 15 degree. That is why the result is high performing knife for optimum function. The disks used for processing knife are quiet pliant, so it does not take away too much of blade’s metal. This tool is great for Japanese hybrid style knives and comes with five years warranty.

    And the last choice is Pro 1 Kit from Edge Pro. This product is highly versatile. It claims to make sure that you always sharpen knife at consistent angle. Pro 1 Kit can handle minimum blade angle of 6 degree and maximum of 33 degree. Therefore, it is able to process various forms of household knives and tools. Many sharpeners for professionals exist within the market. They are available in diverse shape and methods of usage. Just choose one professional knife sharpener that works to your liking.

  • Spyderco knife sharpener

    Spyderco Knife Sharpener, the Sharpening Solution for Nice Cutting

    When it comes to knife sharpening, Spyderco knife sharpener should be listed into your priority. As a matter of fact, your knife needs to be sharpened periodically to keep it from dullness. With plenty of sharpener options out there, Spyderco offers nice sharpening system that will give you smooth cutting experience. No more bad days with blunt knives because this device will bring the life of your knife back.

    Spyderco knife sharpener has proven its ability to maintain the sharpness of any knives. As we know, knives come with various materials. Steel is the easiest material to sharpen compared to the others. However, there are some kinds of steel that are quite difficult to deal with, including VG-10, D2 and S30V. However, if you have Spyderco, there is nothing to worry about because it can handle any knife materials.

    What makes it so powerful? Spyderco sharpener consist of two ceramic stones sets—brown set and white set. If you want to do the heavy work, brown colored set will get it done. Then, the white set will finish the job. While the other sharpener is not effective for serrated edge knife, it is not a problem for Spyderco. Designed with triangular stone shape, it lets you to sharpen any knife design including serrated edge.

    Conventional sharpmaker usually needs honing oil to smoothen the work. You better forget this part because Spyderco knife sharpener is designed with new system that eliminates the needs of oil. Furthermore, no need to worry about your hands because this sharpener ensures your safety. Thanks to the brass rods that functions as barrier to protect your hands. In short, it is almost impossible to cut your hands while using this device.

    Common problem when it comes to knife sharpener is the cluttered parts. Since it comes with small parts, the chance is every part spreads in all around the kitchen. When you have Spyderco, there is no such thing. Thanks to the carrying case that helps you put everything in its place. With small and compact case design, it is possible to bring anywhere.

    In addition, knife sharpener provided by Spyderco offers you convenience in use. It is almost unbelievable how easy it is to use the sharpener. Not to mention the extremely sharp blade that you will get from it. From now on, get rid of dull knives. Bring them back to life with Spyderco knife sharpener.


  • Last Stand Union City Unblocked

    Reasons Why People Should Try Playing Last Stand Union City Unblocked

    If you love playing games, it seems that Last Stand Union City Unblocked can be tried. This is going to be interesting game which uses the concept of RPG, so you are going to have adventure. Well, this one is not boring to play. This is very suitable for those who need refreshing or new challenges in playing games. In the gameplay, zombies will become the enemies. The mission is to save the city named as Union City. Let’s dig it deeper.

    It is true that the game is very interesting. It is like common RPG and adventure games where you will have some missions. In this case, you are also free to open the map and explorer to do looting in order to increase your stats and get more weapons. The concept is like common adventure games, but you will find some interesting points about it.

    1. Media for playing the game
      First interesting point is about the media for playing Last Stand Union City Unblocked. You may not believe that it is played in the browser and uses online system. It means you will not need to install special app to play the game. For the platform, you will only need to have Adobe Flash Player. You will not need special apps or emulators to play it. That is why the game is unique and interesting.
    2. Difficulty and challenges
      When you find the game uses Adobe Flash Player as platform for playing, you may think it is not interesting game. In fact, the game gets high rating and many people enjoy playing it. Even, the game has its own difficulty level, and it is not just the game that can be finished in less than 2 hours. In addition, you will need to increase and upgrade your stats and level. You may also need good weapons and proper skills to use the weapons effectively. Even, there are some sites and sources that provide Last Stand Union City Unblocked hacked to give easier access for playing it since some parts may be considered too difficult without hacking the game.

    If you love RPG and need alternative of game, Last Stand Union City can become good choice. You will not regret for playing it. You may not get high level of graphic and the story may not be so complicated. However, it is good game if you love to defeat and destroy zombies with some cruel effects of bloods. Surely, Last Stand Union City Unblocked is the recommended game to try.

  • Automatic cat feeder wet food

    What to Consider When Choosing Automatic Cat Feeder Wet Food?

    Automatic cat feeder wet food is one of most sought items by cat owners. Feeding the cat with wet food is considered to be healthier these days. Wet food, especially the homemade one, is easier to digest by the cat and prevent from getting digestive problems. However, giving wet food is not something convenient. It needs more efforts than feeding a cat with dry food. One of the efforts is of course choosing the right cat feeder for the wet food.

    The cat feeder designed for wet food is usually sturdier because it has to be able to keep the wet food fresh and edible for the whole day. If you do not want to feed the cat on your own every day, you can choose the cat feeder with automatic feature. This cat feeder has the ability to prepare meal for your cat automatically, after being previously set up, of course.

    For your information, finding the best automatic cat feeder wet food is extremely important. It is because there are so many manufacturers and brands of cat feeder with automatic feature out there. You want to choose the wet food automatic feeder that has useful features to help you feed the cat every single day. So, what to consider when buying this particular cat feeder? Down below you will find out what to consider when you want to buy a new cat feeder for wet food.

    Basically, there are two major considerations. The first one is its build quality. Automatic cat feeder designed for wet food must be really sturdy and has excellent build quality. Cat is an active pet and it does not stand still while being fed. You want to buy a sturdy cat feeder to make sure that the cat does not break the feeder easily. For this purpose, choose automatic cat feeder wet food with tight locking feature as well.

    The second consideration is about the size of bowl. Being an automatic machine means you do not have to be there on feeding time. If the feeder ejects too much food at a time, your cat can overeat and get obese. The amount of food ejected by the feeder is usually adjusted with the size of bowl. Therefore, choose automatic cat feeder wet food with the right size of bowl, approximately enough for 1 cup to 1 ½ cup worth of food for the cat.

  • cat throwing up undigested food

    Is It Dangerous if Cat Throwing Up Undigested Food Hours After Eating?

    Is your cat throwing up undigested food? Well, most cat owners have witnessed their cats doing so for at least once or twice. Generally, throwing up or vomiting is never considered to be a good sign. It is probably the sign that something is not right with the cat’s health or digestive system. When your cat is throwing up its whole foods not too long after eating them, what does it mean?

    One of the most common reasons why cat is vomiting whole food is the fact that it eats the food too fast. Eating too fast means less chewing and the foods get swallowed wholly. Besides, it can cause more air to enter the throat and fill in the stomach of the cat. This is why cat throwing up digested food after eating can happen so many times.

    The air causes the cat to feel bloated and at some points, it will vomit and the whole, undigested foods the cat just ate come out as well. When this happens, of course the cat will feel so uncomfortable and they will feel hungry as well because they do not get to fill their stomach with food. To stop this vomiting, you need to make sure that the cat is slowing down the gobbling when you feed it.

    To do that, you need to feed the cat in piece. Cats tend to eat rapidly when they are surrounded by people or the situation around it is hectic and noisy. Feed your cat in solitude. Make sure the cat is uninterrupted when it eats the meal. That way, the cat will surely eat slower. It enjoys its meal and has the time to chew the meal properly.

    If it is difficult for you to give solitude to the cat, you can split the meal in smaller portions. When cat is given meal in smaller portion, it tends to eat it slowly, just to savor the meal. After your cat finish the first small bowl, give the next bowl and so on until the entire meal is consumed. It will prevent cat throwing up undigested food after eating.

    That is basically the information that you need to know about cats vomiting undigested food. In conclusion, it is not dangerous. If the vomiting is not followed by other symptoms, such as diarrhea and loss of appetite, it basically means that your cat is just eating up too fast. However, if your cat throwing up undigested food too many times, you probably want to take it to the vet and have everything checked for prevention.

  • Chi Chis corn cake recipe.jpg

    An Addictive Chi Chi’s Corn Cake Recipe

    If you have a sweet tooth, then you definitely must try this legendary dessert recipe from one of the famous Mexican Restaurants, Chi Chi’s corn cake recipe. In chi chi’s corn cake nutritional information, the amount of calories of the dish per serving is more or less 150, with total fat around 15%. If you worried about your diet, then consume this dessert just fine.


    • 1 ½ frozen corn
    • 2 tbsp. of heavy cream
    • ½ cup of butter
    • ½ tsp. of baking powder
    • ⅓ cup of masa harina, Mexican corn flour
    • ⅓ cup of sugar
    • ¼ cup of cornmeal
    • ¼ tsp. of salt
    • ¼ cup of water


    Baking Instructions:

    1. Prepare a bowl and beat the butter in it by using electric hand mixer until the butter turns creamy.
    2. Add Mexican corn flour as well as water into the bowl and mix them well.
    3. Chop the corn by using either blender or food processor in a moderately slow speed. Do not overdo the blend; just enough for the pieces of corn to be visible in the blend.
    4. Mix the chopped corn and cornmeal into the creamy butter well.
    5. Prepare another bowl to mix sugar, heavy cream, baking powder, and salt until they blended well.
    6. Put the mixture with previous one and stir them thoroughly.
    7. Pour the final corn cake mixture into a 9×9 sized baking pan and cover them with foil.
    8. Place the baking dish of corn cake mixture on top of a bigger glass baking pan which was filled with hot water up to ⅓ of it.
    9. Bake them inside preheated 175 degrees C of oven until it is cooked well. The approximate time is 50 to 60 minutes.
    10. Take the baking pan out of the oven and separate baking pan of corn cake from the other baking pan.
    11. Set it aside for about 10 minutes or until it cool enough.
    12. Enjoy your corn cake with family.

    For a more varied flavor, you can have your own chi chi’s sweet corn cake mix gluten free by adding either avocado or smashed strawberries to Chi Chi’s corn cake recipe.

    One thing you should remember though, when you try this Chi Chi’s corn cake recipe once, you will keep coming back for it.

  • Orvis bedside platform dog bed

    Make Your Own Orvis Bedside Platform Dog Bed

    Since 1856, Orvis has been providing you with the best products to assist your daily life. From high-quality clothing to hunt gears to dog’s needs, they have it all. Orvis bedside platform dog bed is one of them. However, the sad news is that since a couple years ago, Orvis hasn’t made a single product for this special dog bed. The latest product coming from this line came out about three years ago and has been unavailable since it is out of stock. But worry not because you can always make your own project of bedside platform dog bed by using Orvis other products.

    The key in Orvis bedside platform dog bed is, of course, an elevated dog bed. As simple as you assume, you will place a platform in one of your bed’s side and provide a step to ease your dog in climbing its own bed. One product which may suit your purpose is this medium lightweight foam steps. A sturdy yet lightweight step can support and become the solid footing to your dog’s tiny legs. The cover is removable, so it will be easier for you to wash them.

    The second product for your own project of Orvis bedside platform dog bed is the Orvis platform dog bed. As there are various lines of dog bed provided by Orvis, you can choose one of them which is the most suitable for your beloved buddy. For example, if your buddy likes to lay their claws and teeth on any soft and cushy material, then it might be the best if you choose a dog bed with ToughChew label on it. This label of dog bed specifically made for destructive dogs to save you from troubles. But if your dog is calm and collected kind of dog, then it is not necessary for you to use Orvis ToughChew dog bed.

    Now the last thing you need to find for this special project of bedside platform dog bed to be perfect is a wooden box. There are no specific requirements for the box, but one thing for sure is that the height of the box should match the height of the foam steps. By arranging the platform dog bed on top of the box and place them neatly in one side of your bed with the foam steps then your dog is ready to lie on its own Orvis bedside platform dog bed.