Zentro Fire Pit as the Eco Friendly Smokeless Technology

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Zentro Fire Pit as the Eco Friendly Smokeless Technology

Zentro fire pit is a solution for an eco-friendly fireplace pit. It comes as solution when people have a dilemma because they really like to use the fire pits, but they are afraid of making pollution for the environment. In this case, Zentro released a solution in form of an eco-friendly fire pit without smoke. Apart from being friendly to the environment, this fireplace has several other advantages. Here they are.


The design

For your information, the Zentro fire pit is designed in such a way as to be easily moved. Even though it does not have wheels, it can be launched easily from one place to another. It has a design that is easy to hold and lift, so you won’t be confused about how to move it. It also has a fairly slim design, and it only takes about two people to move it. In other words, it was easy enough for adults.


The construction

Next, Zentro square fire pit has a fairly strong construction since it is made of steel. The material used for its construction is the solid steel. Each linkage is neatly connected by electric welding that is so hot. In addition, its strong design is further supported by a coat of paint. It is coated with high quality paint. Although it does not use the paint that’s highly resistant to fire, the coat of this fire pit is designed based on standard with the durable paint.

Then, it has the technology to burn the smoke. Yes, it is made with the ability to turn the smoke into heat. It means this is called as smokeless fire pit because it is able to convert the smoke into heat energy that can maximize the fuel combustion. Furthermore, the product has an airflow system that returns the fire direction. That is why the smoke which comes out is less.


Wind resistant

For the next advantage, this Zentro product is quite resistant to wind. Even though the wind is quite strong, you can still enjoy a barbeque party in the yard with your family because the fireplace can maintain the stability of fire, whether it is in a slow or strong wind.

Well, after knowing the advantages of this fire pit, you should consider to have one. Before buying, it is recommended to read the review of Zentro fire pit and its technology first to make sure it fits your need.

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