Yucca Flats Saddle Blanket, a Beautifully Made Blanket with Traditional Touch

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Yucca Flats saddle blanket

If you are looking to buy a beautifully made saddle blanket, then you should take a look at yucca flats to saddle blanket Yucca Flats saddle blanket. This European manufacturer had been weaving saddle blankets for almost a century. Every single design they’ve made are original as the integrity of the Yucca Brand leans on it. Therefore, you won’t find any of the Yucca Flats design in any other saddle blankets.

Yucca Flats Saddle Blanket

Yucca Flats saddle blanket is famous for their incredibly intricate patterns. Each of the patterns is made from hand-dyed wool. You might think that hand-dying the wool may make the pattern’s colors fade out quickly as you ride, but you are very wrong. Yucca Flats made these blankets with horse riders in mind. Their blankets are known for lasting for many years, with the patterns staying as vibrant as the day it was woven.

That’s why you can see them being used at many horse riding competition. Their vibrant colors and intricate patterns will make the performance eye-catching. Yucca Flats also made these blankets in 34 by 40 inches with each product weighing 5 pounds. It’s incredibly light for a hand-woven 100% wool blanket so it’s perfect for horse riders as it doesn’t hinder your horse’s performance. The soft wool is also very smooth and doesn’t scratch the skin of your horse. So if you’re into barrel racing, cutting, and reining while wanting to be the center of attention, you might want to consider putting one of these saddle blankets on.

However, if you’re not into horse racing, you can get many Yucca Flats western blanket designs for your home. Coming in with the famous hand-woven quality Yucca Flats is known for, these western rugs are perfect in creating a western pioneer vibe inside your home. Produced by the same designers that created the saddle blankets, you can expect the same vibrant colors, patterns, and the size can even be customized. Other than western rugs, you can also have other accessories such as handbags, pillows, wild rags, and many more coming up in the future.

Yucca Flats blankets are very fast to sell out. With only several batches being produced in certain periods, you might want to act fast if you want to get one. If you want something customized early, such as over-sizing, you can always contact Yucca Flats early on as they’re very flexible with their customers. With a Yucca Flats saddle blanket, you and your horse will have a comfortable ride and staying eye-catching while you’re at it.

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