Windville Coffee Table and Its Vintage Designs for Great Room Decoration

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Windville Coffee Table and Its Vintage Designs for Great Room Decoration

Having windville coffee table can be good idea to decorate your house. When you have been so bored with your current room decoration and need something new, you can have this coffee table. You may place the table in some rooms, and living room can be one of good references. Of course, there are some good points offered by this table. Its design and function will make your living room look nicer.

Windville Coffee Table and Its Vintage Designs for Great Room Decoration

Related to the design, it is true that this coffee table offers interesting look in rustic style. Its wooden material and mango veneers make this table look special. Wooden material always becomes good choices for furniture. It has good durability. Moreover, it has good veneer coating as the additional protection. Then, wooden material is also nice since the characteristic makes this table look nicer with natural look. To make it awesome, there is brass hardware added to some parts of the table. This provides you with good combination of wooden and brass touches, giving rustic and vintage style.

Moreover, this ashley windville coffee table is quite simple. There is no sophisticated carved part in it. The color also still keeps its wooden color to make it more natural. About the dimension, the size is about 48 inches wide and 19.25 inches high. With this size, this table will not be too big for your living room, even when you have limited space. Then, you can also easily add vase as ornament.

Related to the function, windville coffee table can be good choice to deal with space. It is true that the size is not big enough. However, it does not mean that you cannot have some glasses of coffee on it. When you have guests coming to your house and the table is not large enough, there are two pull-out trays that you can expand whenever you need. These two trays will be your great solution when you need extra spaces to place the glasses for guests. Therefore, you do not need to have additional tables.

Talking about the extra space, there are also two drawers. They are large enough to keep some stuff, such as books or magazines. Although the drawers are also made of wooden material, there are smooth gliders to make sure that you can easily pull out the drawers. Surely, the design and function will make this windville coffee table great choice for your home decoration.

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