Whitewashing Wood Paneling: Everything You Have to Understand about It

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Whitewashing Wood Paneling

A lot of people actually wonder about whitewashing wood paneling. This is an interesting topic indeed. For those who love rustic house and furniture, especially with wooden material, surely they have to understand about this particular topic. Everything you need to know about the whitewashing can be read down below.


What is that?

Actually, whitewashing wood paneling is very simple to explain. It is the method of applying white paint to darker-colored wooden material, like mahogany, teak and cherry, to lighten up the shade. It is done for centuries as white is considered as the clean, pure color for everything, including for furniture and house building material. That is why when the furniture is darker in shade; they tend to repaint them with white color to hide the darker shade.


The Perfect Kind of Paint

If you want to do the whitewash or paint wood paneling and turning it into white shade, what kind of painting should you use? The answer is latex painting. They tend to stick on the wooden better and their color lasts for goods. Mix the same amount of white paint and water. The texture of the paint should be creamy rather than watery, as it should be.


The Preparation

Before starting painting the wall panels, you need to make sure that you have brushed them all up with sand paper. Sand paper is the rugged-textured, paper-like material builder love to use. When the surface is completely scrubbed, paint can stick to it longer and easier. On the contrary, if the surface is not scrubbed, the eventual result won’t be good.


The Painting Technique

Once the panels are ready (scrubbed) and the painting mix is ready as well, you can start painting the whole panels. It is a tiring job and won’t be easy. Use medium-sized flat paint brush and use it to apply the white paint all along the wooden panel. Follow the natural grain of the wood to make the final look of the whitewashing professionals.

Whitewashing is indeed a good idea to lighten up a room and to re-shade many types of furniture. They can also get applied to wooden floor, wall and ceiling. This is why you have to try it sometimes if you like. There are tons of tips about whitewashing wood paneling that you can find up there and should help you out when you do the project.

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