Whistl Tracking information and Three Methods to do the Tracking

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Whistl Tracking

Whistl tracking is something often done by the customers of the company. As we all know, Whistl is UK-based parcel delivery service that send goods all across Britain and even beyond. If you have a parcel or package sent using this company’s service, how to track the current location of the parcel? Thankfully there are a lot of methods to do that. Here are some of the best ways for you to track the parcel.

1. Contact the Customer Service
The best way to do parcel tracking at Whistl is by contacting the customer service. There are numerous officers of Whistl Company that will be ready to answer your phone call or reply your email. The whereabout of the parcel currently will be informed by the customer service officer right after that. The number to call is 01628 891 644 and you can also send email to whistl@owlms.com.

2. Tracking Portal on the Official Website

One of the easiest Whistl tracking methods that you can try is to use the tracking portal. As one of the biggest companies when it comes to delivering goods, Whistl has established its own tracking portal that their customer can use with ease. All they need to do is basically going to the portal.

It is available at https://trackmyitem.whistl.co.uk/tracking and then entering the Whistl reference number on the available box. After that, press the “Track This Parcel” button on the right of the box. The information about where the parcel is currently at will be displayed soon. Make sure you have access to the reference number before trying this tracking method.

3. Live Chat on the Official Website
There is also live chat feature at Whistl. The live chat feature allows you to have conversation via chatting with the customer service officers. The live chat is available on the official website of Whistl. However, you can also contact Whistl tracking contact number of 01628 702 965 to find out more about the availability of the live chat. The live chat is usually accessible on Monday to Friday at 08:30 – 17:30.

Those are some of the best ways for you to perform the tracking. Make sure you choose the simplest and easiest method in order to keep an eye on your parcel or packages easier. By Whistl tracking, the parcel will get delivered to you on time and you will be glad when receiving it for sure.

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