Which Inventor Wanted to Develop Affordable Lighting for Homes with Practical Design

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which inventor wanted to develop affordable lighting for homes

You may want to know “which inventor wanted to develop affordable lighting for homes”. This is not quite tough question, but the answer will include some explanations. You can start from the first light bulb invented hundred years ago. At the time, there was controversy about who the real investor for home lighting. The debate did not hide the fact that lighting was the reason many advanced techs came until today.

First affordable lighting for home

Lighting was started after the electricity was found. In that time, Thomas Alfa Edison saw what light bulb could do. He developed better lighting fixture compared to other inventors. After that, he obtained patent and sold the first light bulb at affordable price. Other names include Volta and Tesla. Both contribute to lighting development and electricity.


Modern lighting

Many companies started to enter this business and turned into inventor that develops affordable lighting for homes. Lighting became the mass production and then the cost turned very low. The production scale was always side by side with electricity installation. In city, every house had light bulb. More houses and building started to adopt light bulb for their lighting fixture. Therefore, you often see the prominent company that produces them.


Go green lighting

Research showed modern lighting was lack of efficiency and it is not eco-friendly. New era of energy and electricity emerged few decades ago. People put extra concern about their homes when having standard lighting bulb. For your information, technology for lighting is started from increasing the heat into bright bulb. It consumes more energy and less efficient. Lighting becomes high temperature with high risk for fire. As an alternative, the new lighting bulb is invented with more efficient rate and less cost. If you ask for “which inventor wanted to develop affordable lighting for homes”, the answer refers mostly to the company. Today, people usually do not know the inventor but they recognize the company that sells those bulbs.


Recycling light bulb

Eco-friendly lighting bulb is not enough even though the energy consumption is lower. More people buy the products, and the consumption level is at high rate. Lighting is only have small residue. On contrary, broken and unused one is thrown away. This is where some people invent recycling light bulb.

Lighting changes the world into new era. Almost everyone has electricity and the house with bright bulb. You don’t have to worry about the dark anymore. Furthermore, lighting is not exclusive and luxury technology. Anyone can have it to fulfill their needs. This is why you should appreciate which inventor wanted to develop affordable lighting for homes.

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