Weep Screed Stone Veneer Importance that Everyone Should Understand

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Weep Screed Stone Veneer Importance that Everyone Should Understand

Using weep screed stone veneer is always important when your exterior wall is covered by stucco-like finish. Down below, there are the full explanations about the importance of using the weep screed. That way, you won’t take this building material for granted. For the sake of the wall’s durability, everyone should know the importance of the weep screed from now on.


Let Moisture Escape

The main function of the weep screed is to let moisture out of the wall. In order to keep the stone wall nice and clean, you have to get rid of all kinds of moisture trapped inside the wall. With the help of weep screed, moisture, including drips of water can be removed from the wall. They won’t cause the wall to rot eventually.

Weep Screed Stone Veneer Importance that Everyone Should Understand

Protect Stone Veneer from Mold

It is believed that one of the most important usages of weep screed stone veneer is to protect the stone veneer itself from getting moldy. When the wall is full is moisture and just literally damp, molds, fungus and moss will be able to easily grow on the surface. It will ruin the appearance of the war as well as its strength for sure.


Make the Stone Veneer More Durable

There is no doubt that stone is one of the strongest materials on earth. They won’t break down easily. However, stone is so prone of getting corroded when exposed too frequently to water and moisture. By using weep screed, the wall is not losing any strength to the corrosion as moisture and water are all dried out of the wall.


Preventing Water from Getting Trapped on the Wall

When you make the exterior wall without inserting weep screed in between the wall and the stone finish, there will be a massive gap there. Water can get trapped inside the gap and cause the wall and stone to rot, albeit slowly. This is why using weep screed is such an important step to take. Make sure that they are there in between the wall and the finish to help letting out all those moistures and waters from inside the stone veneer wall.

Now that you have seen the importance of the weep screed, you won’t skip using them anymore. They are indeed essential for the stucco wall. It helps saving the wall from getting moldy and eventually breaks down. By understanding those explanations about weep screed stone veneer, every home owner will surely install one behind the wall.

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