Viviano Marmo Tile as the Elegant Countertop Surface

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Viviano Marmo Tile as the Elegant Countertop Surface

What about having Viviano Marmo tile to remodel kitchen countertop? Viviano Marmo is one brand that focuses on producing premium tile, mainly made of dolomite. The quality of their tiles are undeniably premium. Therefore, if you want to give a sophisticated touch to your kitchen, choosing this tile should be your prime choice.

What is a dolomite? Dolomite is a rock resulted from a sedimentation process. When limestone and lime mud come together into contact with magnesium-rich groundwater, it’s when the process of ‘making dolomites’ is started.

You may rarely hear about dolomite. It is also known as dolostone, a stony material which is frequently used in both commercial and residential projects, thanks to their durability and an outstanding looks. Along with its somber gray and white colors, dolomite tiles emit such elegance to the surrounding wherein the tiles are installed. Low-maintenance needed and high longevity are the next reason why people choose dolomite slabs for kitchen countertops.

Other advantages of dolomite slabs are mentioned below:

  • Resistant to etching
  • Hard and sturdy
  • Smooth and glossy finishing, so the slabs can be used as bathroom countertops as well.
  •  Due to its smoothness, the tile is easy to clean
  • A relatively cheap material
  • Less liquid absorbent
  • Less sensitive to acids (in contrary with marble)

Since Viviano Marmo tile is a product with dolomite as its material, it’s best to know first how a real dolomite looks like. Dolomite looks similar to quartzite and marble, hence making the confusion since dolomite slabs are commonly sold as the two.

Dolomites are often found in monochromatic color. So, gray and white are the colors you will find easier to notice in dolomites. However, in rare occasion, you can also find brown, black, pink, and even green dolomites. Its streak colors too are ranging.

So, as a wrap up, is dolomite tile the perfect one for you? If you are in search for a durable material, etching-resistant, and easy to clean countertop surface, dolomite slabs should be perfect for you. Although the material may not be as hard as quartzite, you can choose this material if you want a less expensive material to give a statement for your kitchen.

Viviano Marmo tiles price should be one aspect to consider when you decide to choose a tile. Dolomite tiles from Viviano Marmo will cost you $5.99/piece, which size is equal to 0.33 sqft. It may be slightly more expensive, but the quality of this tile is exceptional. So, the money spent to buy Viviano Marmo tile is worth every buck.

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