Versailles Pattern Travertine: Why Using Them on the Floor and Wall?

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Versailles Pattern Travertine

In the pattern, there are combinations between a couple of several different sizes of tiles, including 8×8 inch tiles and 16×24 inch tile. It creates a sort of unique pattern that will be suitable for the walls and the floors. Why using this particular pattern anyway? Learn the answer down below.


They Have Classic Appeal

The first reason why you have to use Versailles pattern travertine is because they are gorgeous. They are aesthetically pleasing. The floor is going to look less boring and less “square” with the help of the pattern. They have this grand, rustic touch on the design, making the look of every room elevated for sure.

Versailles Pattern Travertine

Make a Room Seems Larger

Many people are looking for Versailles pattern template and one to try using them in their own project because they do know that the pattern has special ability. It can truly make a room seems larger. The “random” pattern on the floor will make a room seems to be quite extensive. Based on this reason, people tend to use this pattern on small or limited space.


More Cost Effective

The best thing about using the pattern is that you can save up a lot of cash from it. The overall price of installing the pattern of this kind is way lower than regular tiling. Why so? It is because the Versailles tile has to be made out of several tiles of different sizes. The manufacturer just has to get a large tile and breaking it apart into several pieces and use them as the main material of the Versailles tile.

Versailles Pattern Travertine

Great for Any Materials

The pattern is great for all sorts of materials, or all sorts of materials for the tile. It is totally great when paired with ceramic. However, other types of flooring materials, such as marble, wood and even stones are also great to be used as the Versailles tile material.

Based on the information up above, it is clear that the pattern tile is so great in elevating the aesthetic value of a room. The tile pattern is simple and relatively easy to assemble. This is why the tile pattern endures the course of time. It has been around for centuries and yet people are still using them. For those who are still in doubt about why using Versailles pattern travertine, surely the information up there will give them the right answer.

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