Use Bilco Bulkhead Doors as the Safe and Strong Basement Door

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Use Bilco Bulkhead Doors as the Safe and Strong Basement Door

Bilco bulkhead doors are fairly the secure basement or ground doors. People choose to use this door as it offers many benefits. As we know, these days, basement is starting to be the trend because it comes as additional space with the efficient land use. However, the safety of basement must also be considered. In this case, you should install the solid basement door. The following is a further description about it


Safety protection

Bilco bulkhead doors provide the safety protection for basement since it allows you to attach the connector cover as double security. Of course, this system makes the door have two stages of opening. It is difficult for strangers to get to your basement because it is hard to break this bulkhead door. However, you may need to install the inner basement door as well, so it stays tracked, especially if you use the room as storage.


Waterproof doors

Moreover, this product is waterproof door. It is designed with the best material and construction. Well, the material of Bilco doors has water-repellent properties, so it will not seep the water out even in heavy rain. Moreover, it should also supported by the solid installation, more precisely the slope. You must install it properly, especially if you put the doors on the ground. It is recommended to have a slanted position. A good tilt angle is around 45 degrees.

Use Bilco Bulkhead Doors as the Safe and Strong Basement Door

Easy to install

Furthermore, these doors are easy to install. The design even allows the doors to be installed by one person. It is commonly installed in a position that tends to be horizontal, so you don’t need the help of others to lift it up. However, if you decide to use this door, you need to make a cast bearing to adjust the slope. In general, the installation procedures are the same as any other doors. It uses the aid of a hinge, nails, hammer, and drill.

Now, let’s discuss about the costs. To get the door in complete package including the installation, you will need $1100 to $6,000. This is a fair price compared to the features it has. However, you can get a cheaper price if you can install it by yourself.

There are other things that must be considered in using the basement door. One of them is to install an inner door for more security. However, if your basement is used as a warehouse, Bilco bulkhead doors can be a good choice.

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