Updating 80’s Oak Cabinets to Efficiently Give Your Kitchen a Newer Look

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Updating 80's Oak Cabinets to Efficiently Give Your Kitchen a Newer Look

Updating 80’s oak cabinets might be an option to make this furniture look more in harmony with your home. Although basically the original appearance gives a retro impression, there is no harm in upgrading it to keep up with the times, especially if your oak cabinet is about 50 years old. It is definitely worn out or has some damages. When you compare it with the new modern oak cabinets, surely the old faded color is one of the problems. So, what are the solutions to upgrade or fix it? You can do the following.


Adding Hardware

Well, you might be the type of person who prefers to maintain a retro style. Therefore, it is recommended to only replace the hardware cabinet. You may not realize that most cabinets from 80s did not have hardware like handles or knobs. Even so, you can still open or close it because it was the old design which was made this way. However, you may feel something missing from the cabinet. Fortunately, there are many models of wood handles and knobs for sale. You can choose according to your wishes.


Installing the Crown Molding and or Valance

To add to the beauty, you can also add valance or crown molding at the top of cabinet. Install it along the cabinet or in certain corners, depending on your taste. Choose crown moldings with a size of no more than three inches as it is a cabinet, not the wall corner of your house. Since the installation requires precision, you better hire a handyman.



In fact, the easiest thing for updating 80’s oak cabinets is to repaint it. However, you have to use a special paint for wood, so the painting results are solid and impressive. The recommended colors are light brown or white. However, you still have to adjust it to the primary color of the room. Not to forget, consider the theme of your interior. It will help you to mix and match the colors based on your taste and preference.



As opposed to repainting, restraining your old cabinet requires more efforts. This is because you need to maintain the authenticity of your old cabinet. You can do this by polishing the wood with a special polishing liquid. In addition, polishing it should not be arbitrary. You have to follow the specific instructions for updating 80’s oak cabinets.


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