Do Tyson and Michelle Spiess Live in a Tiny House: The Answer

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Tyson and Michelle Spiess Live in a Tiny House

Some people keep asking about “do Tyson and Michelle Spiess live in a tiny house”. This has become questions of many people, especially those who enjoy the show of Michelle and Tyson Spiess. Both of them have nice program named Tiny Luxury. This program can even be more than just the show since it provides many people with some inspirations, especially regarding the house.

About Tiny Luxury

As the name of their program, the Tiny Luxury, they always show the real luxury found in tiny space and they do not have big houses. The program shows Tyson and Michelle Spiess live in a tiny house with many kinds of stuff and decorations there. The house is fully tiny and designed to become so comfortable for both Michelle and Tyson. Therefore, people start asking the question about the truth about it. Of course, it is interesting to know more.

In this case, it is true they have the tiny luxury house. They build a house and focus on the things they must and need to have in the house. The decoration is made, so all the necessary stuffs, including the furniture, can be covered in the small space. After that, the things can be added to make it nicer and more comfortable. Moreover, they also make the things more efficient in dealing with the space. That’s why they have some multifunction furnishings which can be turned into the multifunction stuff.

Then, related to “do Tyson and Michelle Spiess live in a tiny house”, they also have RV. This is also one of the ways of them in enjoying life in the tiny space. The RV is made more comfortable, so it can give good space for two people. Even, all of the things are planned properly. They still follow the regulations regarding the parking access. Even, the power sources for the things in RV are also considered properly. Moreover, it is easy to recharge the power.

These points can be enough answers for the truth about their tiny luxury. Of course, these can make the fans love them more. They make things more efficient and try to introduce that comfort and luxury things still can be found in the limited space. With these points of the house and RV, the question of “do Tyson and Michelle Spiess live in a tiny house” is already answered and people do not need to doubt or argue about the truth about their lives.

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  1. Came across this gem of an article somehow. Let first start by saying no, Michelle and Tyson do not live in a tiny house. Not only that but everything about the show is a farce. They don’t design the homes, they don’t decorate the homes, and most importantly they certainly do not build the homes. They’re just religious white faces taking the credit for everyone behind the scenes putting in real work…. ask me how I know.

  2. How do you know? I was thinking about contacting them for more information. I don’t want to waste my time or money.

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