Turning a Closet into a Mudroom to Save the Space and Tidy up Your House

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Turning a Closet into a Mudroom to Save the Space and Tidy up Your House

If you have a small house with a lot of stuffs or household appliances, turning a closet into a mudroom may be a good choice. Some people may be unfamiliar with mudroom. Well, this is a storage space that has a dual function. Usually, this room is used to store the unused items that make the room look messy. It can also be a solution for those who have a lot of stuff, but don’t know where else to store the stuffs. In this case, you can use your closet to turn it into mudspace. Here are how to make it into a mudroom.


Clean the Closet and Fix Electrical Problems

The first thing you have to do in turning a closet into a mudroom is cleaning your closet from all items in it, so your mudroom will not have the look of a closet. Yes, it must be completely empty of any items. After that, you have to fix the electrical problems. Changing the lighting arrangement is certainly a must. You can move the lamp position, so later when it has been converted into a mudroom, the lighting will be more directed and organized. Don’t forget to replace the lamp with a lower power because the mudroom doesn’t need too bright lighting. You also need to rearrange the cables that were already neatly arranged.


Paint the Wall

Before you start DIY mudroom closet makeover, you better paint the walls first. If possible, you can paint the walls with a different color from the current closet color to make it look fresher. Of course, painting before installing mudroom organizers is easier than painting after installation.


Install Mudroom Organizers

Once the paint is completely dry, which may take up to 24 hours; you can start installing the organizers. The most important to be installed is of course the shelves to put your stuff. You better use the stacking shelves, so you can adjust the installation according to the area. To put a jacket or clothes, you can attach hooks. Although it takes up a bit of space, using this hook can make it easier for your children to hang their jackets instead of having to use hangers. If you still need a place to store other items, just add a cabinet at the very top of the room. By turning a closet into a mudroom with the installation of organizers actually may make your mudroom look full, but at least your house will be tidier.


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