TrySheex Cost: Do You Think it is Worth the Money?

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TrySheex Cost

How much does TrySheex cost? Is it worth your money? Have you ever wanted to try Sheex sheet? You might find yourself constantly asking such a question. In case you have not known yet, Sheex is not like any other conventional sheets. The manufacturer chose to consolidate similar qualities of attire that have cool effects when you wear it for some workout.

To achieve this, they utilize a similar texture in high-performance sport wear. It consists of a mix of spandex (13%) and polyester (87%) that makes for a stretchy and breathable sheet. Beside controlling temperature, it is intended for you who are not an aficionado of ironing your bedding. The line professes to be lightweight, wrinkle-free, and tight-fitting.

You can buy Sheex sheet set straightforwardly off the company’s official site. You can also buy it at any other e-commerce. In case you are keen on obtaining a set, it is as of now holding a unique set on their collection. Well, your total set includes a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and  two pillowcases along with extra two complimentary. Also, feel free to browse four colors such as ecru, navy, brilliant white, and graphite.

TrySheex cost extends from 159 USD – 219 USD for a full, twin, king, split king, and queen total set. It comes with an extra 25% off utilizing a promotion code. The offer is accessible on the company’s official site only. It incorporates free delivery, alongside a one-year guarantee, and an entire 30-day money-refund guarantee.

They do not just produce and sell bed sheets. Sheex has made a whole line of sheet material related things such as sleepwear, cushions, pillowcases, and bed toppers. However, before you have decided to spend your money onto it, look at these pros and cons.


  • Temperature-directing and breathable material;
  • Smooth and delicate;
  • Ideal fit for pillowcases and a fitted sheet;
  • Produced in all standard sizes of bed;
  • Produced in nine distinctive shading alternatives;
  • 30-day money-refund guarantee;
  • Colour-resistant; and
  • Sturdy, no free strings.


  • Not the least expensive alternative; and
  • Potentially shrinkage after a first wash.

Sheex Company emphatically encourages their purchasers to decline any bundles that may come damaged. When you have put in your request, you can sign into your client account, and see your request status. All data will be sent to you via email, including the following data for your bundle. To conclude TrySheex cost might be a lot but it will also give you unrivalled qualities.

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