Track Plantation Shutters for Sliding Glass Doors Description, Benefits, and Types

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Track Plantation Shutters for Sliding Glass Doors Description, Benefits, and Types

Track plantation shutters for sliding glass doors make an excellent alternative to vertical blinds. There are readily available products and custom-built ones, which allow you to attach the item permanently or install it in a way that the doors can still be used fully. The plantation shutters offer both functional and decorative values as window covering. They are mostly built from composite, wood, or faux wood materials.

This particular type of shutter is now gaining popularity for sliding doors application in various areas, including kitchens, bathrooms, offices, dining rooms, or even closets. Read below some of the benefits of installing the plantation shutter for sliding glass door in your space:

  • It helps to save energy: If you choose to install plantation shutters that use solid materials across your window, they help to form a barrier that prevent the glass to heat the air or escape the air outside, and instead distribute it all around the room.
  • It helps adjust the amount of natural light: As this specific type of shutters involvers clean lines between the louvered states, you can control the angle to reduce or increase the amount of light and air flowing into the room.
  • It increases the value of your property: With its timeless and sleek design, plantation shutters is one of the most sought window coverings in the last few years. You may consider the installment as an investment to appeal your prospective property buyers.


Track Plantation Shutters for Sliding Glass Doors Description, Benefits, and Types 2

Depending on the prevailing design of your sliding glass doors or your personal style preferences, you may choose between bypass shutters or bi-fold shutters. Bypass track shutters designed are mounted to the sliding glass door with aluminum track and strong wheeled carriers that meant to offer user-friendliness and great durability. Meanwhile, bi-fold track plantation shutters for sliding glass doors are preferred by those who want wider view, as they involve foldable hinged panel construction towards either or both sides of your sliding door glass. They are ideal not only to clear some view, but also to save space.

Whichever design constructions that you prefer, both of them are feasible to use on doors, windows, room dividers, or closets. The main concern regarding this shutter type is whether it allows access without hindrance when the sliding door is opened and closed. The mechanism of your door shouldn’t be obstructed by the window coverings. A side concern, yet not less important, is how to choose track plantation shutters for sliding glass doors that can enhance the appearance of the room.

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