Tile Wainscoting and How to apply it properly in the Room

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Tile Wainscoting

You may see bathroom with tiles attached at the lower part of walls, and that’s commonly called tile wainscoting. In simple term, this kind of wainscoting is specifically for bathroom. Besides, some rooms and buildings also rely on tile paneling, but only at limited height.


Wainscoting, or also called paneling, is method to add additional layer to the lower part of wall. In home interior design, paneling will separate wall, between the top and lower section. In exterior implementation, wainscoting will protect the wall from damp, wet, dust, and wind. Paneling uses several materials, such as board panel, plastic, solid wood, plywood, metal, and tile.


For protection, tile is the best choice. This material is solid and strong that’s easy to repel dirt and wet. When the wall is wet, you can clean it with cloth because the wall does not absorb that water. On the other side, you can spot any dirt and stain immediately for fast cleaning. Besides bathroom, regular wall may have this kind of wainscoting. However, the installation is much lower and usually less than 40 cm from ground. In hospital, tile wainscoting is also added for extra protection, and the height is the same as commonly in regular room. Tile wainscoting height may be more than usual protection if you install it as backsplash in the kitchen.

Decoration and aesthetic

Tile wainscoting is useful for decoration. You can create elegant and aesthetic bathroom with proper paneling. The design is varied from simple and plain color into complex and traditional pattern. When you add paneling, make sure to adjust it with bathroom style. In fact, wainscoting is the best way to decorate bathroom. Of course, decorative aspect is not limited to the bathroom since tile is also flexible to add in any wall, including exterior area.

Cost and maintenance

Tile takes time to install and has solid durability. You need to spend extra money at initial cost because the price is quite higher, especially for special order. If you want printed tile with distinct pattern, order it from customized vendor. After the installation is done, you only need to keep tile surface as clean as possible. This is the easiest job than other paneling. The tile is resilient, and the cost for maintenance is almost zero, unless you want to polish and revise it entirely.

In general, the tile itself has several types based on what the room that needs it. However, this issue is not the main problem since it is flexible to add any tiles as paneling. Well, that’s what you should know about tile wainscoting.

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