The Hem Coffee Table: An Essential Piece of Contemporary Furniture

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The Hem Coffee Table

Many people who are familiar with Ikea products and other Scandinavian aesthetics will love the Hem coffee table. It has a sleek design with a minimalist look and feel. Despite how simple it looks, this piece of modern furniture is the perfect addition to any room.


What is a Hem Coffee Table?

Like many Scandinavian products, Hem heavily features wood in their designs and products. You can choose between the range of Alle, Key, Glyph, and Stump. Each carries a different voice and personality. Rest assured, there is at least one Hem product that resonates with your style.


Why It’s So Popular

The brand is one name that slowly gaining popularity worldwide. Especially after working with multiple contemporary designers such as Jonah Takagi, Pauline Deltour, Gemma Holt, and Siri Carlen. But that’s not the only reason why Hem products are so popular. Here are the other reasons why there is a high demand for their products.


·   Versatile & Practical

Even though it’s a coffee table, you can always use it for other purposes. For example, you can use the small Alle coffee table as a side table when you need to. Their designs are also suitable for all types of interior design. You can put it on contemporary, rustic, and even industrial and eclectic. It is one of the best things to have when you’re still saving for more furniture.


·   Easy to Move

Having multiple sizes means you can choose one that suits your needs. And this is crucial when you have to move often. Having furniture that is both easy to assemble and carry around is always nice. And not to mention that they come in gorgeous natural colors. Unless you choose to buy the table from their sculptural series, Stump, you won’t have any issue moving across the country with your hem table.


·  High-Quality Statement Product

Hem only sources their material from selected suppliers to ensure their products’ quality. You can assure that you won’t find any chipping in the product when they arrive at your door. Their unique design also can make the coffee table a focal point of your living room. Hem has multiple lines with a distinctive design that works great as a statement piece. It can be a statement piece like Glyph or something very minimalistic like Alle and Key.


·   Sustainability

It’s worth mentioning that Hem also supports sustainability and therefore always looks for the best design to maximize their sources. They only take online orders and only have three showrooms worldwide. If you prefer a company that supports sustainability and is not shy about showing its values, then you should check out more of Hem products.

Carrying the classic Scandinavian style with its minimalist look and clean lines, a hem coffee table is an addition you never thought you need. However, you need to remember that you’re looking at a product that comes with love and a vision of versatility and power for the future.


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