The Elastomeric Stucco Paint Details and Features

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The Elastomeric Stucco Paint Details and Features

Have you ever known about elastomeric stucco paint? It is a renowned coating paint which is designed for masonry surfaces. If you have stuccos installed on your house walls, then you can use this kind of paint as well. Wondering why you should choose this paint for your stuccos? Check out the explanation below.

It turns out that elastomeric is one of renowned paints not only for masonry works; the paint can also be painted on stuccos, if you have them installed on your house. But before going too far, what actually is elastomeric paint?

Elastomeric paint is a kind of coating, which is often referred as the stronger version of acrylic paint. Hence, it can be inferred that elastomeric contains acrylic as one of its main ingredients. Unlike other kinds of paints/coatings, elastomeric paint can conceal fine-thread cracks due to its thickness. Some say that elastomeric comes with 10 times thickness, if compared to common coatings and/or paints.

Due to those features (thickness and acrylic-based ingredient), people use it on roofs as well, despite it being more popular as a high-grade coating for walls made of concrete, stones, and stucco as its ornamental decorations.

The Elastomeric Stucco Paint Details and Features

So, why should you pick out elastomeric stucco paint? These points below will tell you the reason why:

  1. Its durability can outperform exterior acrylic paint. Given that 100% acrylic paint can last longer up to 10 years, this one can perform better than that. Just imagine it – how much money will you save with this great investment?
  2. Its adhesion capability is way excellent – especially on stuccos and blocks of concrete.
  3. If combined with waterproof protective coating, then it can synergize to make the best waterproof sealing.
  4. Due to its capability to join with waterproof sealing, the paint can lower the chance for mildew to sit still on your walls and stuccos.  Hence, the paint can help you to achieve a long-lasting protective coating.
  5. It does not require multiple coatings. Just two coats of elastomeric paint and you got no cracks be filled. No need to be afraid to water leaks!
  6. Say no more to cracks. Its thick coating (even for just one coat) also comes with elongation features. Let’s say that you are having minor, unseen cracks on your wall – that will be filled in by the coating.

When will you need this stucco coating? Well, it turns out that you don’t have to add this if your current paint/coating is still on a sound condition. Plus, if your stucco has already been painted/coated with too many coating/paints layers, then adding elastomeric stucco paint will not be a good idea to do.

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