The Best Hillside Foundation Types for Your Home

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The Best Hillside Foundation Types for Your Home

There are some hillside foundation types specifically designed to build residential construction over sloping terrain. It takes careful planning and execution to build a home on a hill. The very first step is to choose the proper foundation. The sloping nature of hills needs more secure and solidly built foundations. Before determining where your ground floor level should be, you should also consider the size or limitations of your land, as well as the nature and character of the soil.

Hillside Foundation Types for Homes over Sloped Terrain

Below are the foundation types suitable for a home on a hill.

Stepped Foundation

A stepped foundation may be the most cost-effective alternative where the natural surface of the land is sloped. In this scenario, the foundation is a sequence of concrete horizontal steps that follow the slope of the ground.

This reduces the amount of excavation and below-ground wall building that would otherwise be necessary. Stepped foundations are also useful for transitioning from deep to shallow foundations, as well as at corners and junctions.

Walkabout Basement Foundation

This is one of the most common types of old house foundation types, This is an excellent option if you want to save money on construction while still having a spacious living area in your home. Because your property is on a raised level or hill, think about having a walkabout basement to let light in and water drainage out. This will protect your home from mold and keep it dry.

If you plan to build a home with this type of foundation, tell your contractor to excavate properly. Make sure he carefully install the back fill for your hilltop residence.

Raised Concrete Slab

A raised slab foundation is commonly used for a building that is elevated above the ground to prevent water from entering the home following a downpour. This foundation also has a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.


If your home is built on dynamic soil, you may want to consider installing caisson systems. This is almost similar to pear and beam foundation that is used construct bridge piers or constructions in or near water. Caissons are constructed by digging a large pit and filling it with concrete. Caissons may require steel to be drilled into the rock or underlying soil to make the foundation more durable.

If the home is not built on a strong foundation, the foundation will eventually fail, causing damage to the interior and external walls especially for a house built on a sloped lot. With the right hillside foundation types your house will last forever.


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