The Best Exterior Wainscoting Panels Types

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exterior wainscoting panels

In fact, there are several types of exterior wainscoting panels that everyone needs to know. They are suitable to make the outer wall of house looks more beautiful. Even better, the panels are going to hide any flaws and stains on the wall. For those who have no idea about the types of wainscoting panels that can be applied on the exterior of the house, here is the information about them for you.

The Raised Panel Wainscoting

The first type of exterior wainscoting is the raised panels. This is probably the most common one you can find anywhere. It fits for the exterior of the house as well as for the interior of the house. You can tell by the name that the panels are using raised shapes to give it like a 3D effect. By applying the panels, the outer wall of the house will look thicker, sturdier, and definitely more beautiful to look at.

The Oak Plywood Sheet Panel

The original wainscot panel is made out of oak timber. The kind of oak back then used so frequently to create the panel is the Wainscot Oak. The name is taken from there. This is why using oak panel is still of the best exterior wainscoting ideas to apply, whether for indoor or outdoor use. Oak plywood is strong, durable, and blessed with amazing golden color and noticeable grains as well. They are so good to be used in rustic-themed house or just any vintage or farmhouse-style property.

The Faux Wainscoting Panels

The word faux here means imitation. It suggests that there are wainscot panels that are not made out of wood. There are a lot of them out there and most of them can be used for exterior or outdoor use. The most common types of faux panels are the ones made out of plastic and vinyl. They are not as strong as the wood panels but they are enough to give extra layers to the wall and create a beautiful texture on it.

Besides of the three types of panels mentioned above, there are several others you can find out there. However, those three are already the best ones, and you can use them easily to decorate the outer wall of the house. Well, just make sure you choose the best type of exterior wainscoting to create a beautiful-looking house with the great walls.

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