Tartonelle Accent Chair Details by the Ashley Furniture

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Tartonelle Accent Chair

Tartonelle accent chair is one of the best signature products by Ashley Furniture. This accent chair has amazing design with classy and elegant look. For those who are looking for extra furniture for their living room, this chair with exposed feet is going to be the perfect addition. Here is the full information that you need to know and to understand about the furniture.


Fresh and Sophisticated Design

The design of the accent chair is so fresh and absolutely sophisticated. It has curvy design on the back and buttoned cushion to add more beauty to the chair. The feet are exposed on the bottom, showing high-contrasted faux leather feet on the bottom. It is so refreshing to look at and you need to have them right now.


High-Quality Foam Cushions

This Tartonelle accent chair is totally comfortable to use because it is completed by foam cushion. The cushion is made out of high-quality materials and it is all covered by poly fiber, which is extremely thick and durable. You can sit on the chair for hours and won’t feel sore on the bottom and on the back.


Faux Leather Upholstery

One of the most interesting things about this Tartonelle sofa and chair is the fact that it looks very elegant, just like it is wrapped in leather. Indeed, the upholstery is using leather materials. However, it is not real leather that will endanger wildlife and environment. It is using faux leather instead. The faux or fake leather is combined with polyester material to deliver the smoothest surface for the chair.


Light Weight but Sturdy

This chair has the weight less than 25lbs. It makes it very light for a chair. However, you should not consider that this chair is prone and delicate. Even with its light weight, the chair is quite sturdy. It is because the frame of the chair is made out of high-quality materials and sturdy wooden structure. It will make sure that the chair can endure even heavy burden on it.

Those are some features that you need to know about the chair. Considering Ashley Furniture is one of the best furniture manufacturers across the USA, there is no doubt that you need to have at least one of their products at home. This Tartonelle accent chair is the perfect one to buy. They are so beautiful, affordable, and basically will become a perfect focal point for your living room.

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