Tanning Ledge Chairs, the In-Pool Furniture that You Never Want to Miss

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Tanning Ledge Chairs, the In-Pool Furniture that You Never Want to Miss

Summer marks the comeback for in-pool furniture, tanning ledge chairs for example. This kind of chairs is that in-pool essential stuff that you’d like to use if you love chilling by the poolside (the beach of your house, let’s presume) while enjoying the warmth of the sun and getting immersed in the water. Sounds fun already? Well, it ensures you a lot of fun. But the price of this product can be pretty demanding for some.

It may be a bit pricy for a by-the-pool-side chilling buddy. The price ranges from $500-$1,000, and it can be more or less depending on the size, materials, and of course—the brand. In common, the general specifications of this tanning ledge chairs will be as follows.

You know the shapes—it’s curved for the half end, ensuring to support your body morphology.

The chair isn’t actually chair as it has no legs, but the curve serves right to keep the chair in place. Some products are designed to even be filled with water to make sure the chair stands in place while being submerged into water.

Tanning Ledge Chairs, the In-Pool Furniture that You Never Want to Miss

Talking about dimensions, the tanning ledge chairs dimension is defined like this in general:

    • Length
      Typically, it is 70”, but it may differ according to brands. Some may even go up to 5”11 which is slightly longer than the previous size number.
    • Width
      In general, it goes with 23”.
    • Height
      To ensure you maximum comfort, it goes with 22” height that also acts as a back support.
    • The leg rest
      With a total length of 70”, the leg rest is made almost two-third of it, which is 44”.
    • The curve height
      As you might’ve known, tanning ledge chairs has a curve in the leg part that helps you to enjoy the sun warmth while getting yourself partly submerged in the water. The curve height is usually made around 7.5”-10”.

The depth of each pool step may differ one from another, but generally the depth can still soak your chair while being put on water. For a perfect dip, typically you can go with 15” step depth to truly revel in the chair. Hence, consider putting on your swimsuit (and not to forget, the sunscreen) while enjoying your summer sun.

Getting an additional lounge pillow won’t disappoint you. In fact, many users would like to get ‘supported’ with an additional pillow. Go with pillow that offers waterproof feature, especially if your tanning ledge chairs easily get those lovely pool splashes.

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