Tainoki Side Table that Will Enhance the Look of Any Living Room and Bedroom

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Tainoki Glass Side Table

Your living room can be enriched with the addition of Tainoki side table. Many people do not really expect that something small as side table will make a lot of difference toward your living room or bedroom. However, interior design is about putting together great pieces into something harmonious. You will likely to successfully find a table that completes the room. The first question is that: would you like the table to be mainly decorative or functional? This will determine your choice later.

Metal side table

tainoki Metal side table


If your room has modern industrial vibe, you can choose a table made with metal. It has asymmetrical leg shape, forming a sturdy C-shaped table that does not budge easily. Upon first glance you would think that such table will not be able to fit many things. And it’s true that because its open designs, you will not be able to use it as storage space. However, it can be a nice work station if you want to work from your couch. This table has the perfect height for it.

Marble side table

Tainoki Marble side table

You can also opt for Tainoki marble side table if you aim to have something with more elegance. The table has classic cabinet shape which means that it allows you to store a lot of things in it. Since the cabinet has open design, you are advised against filling it to the brim. You can keep your few books or magazines in there. It would be nice to arrange the books vertically instead of horizontally because it allows you to pluck a book out easily.

Glass Side Table

Another model of table to be placed beside your couch would be the glass based Tainoki side table. There are many designs available in the market these days. People tend to opt for the round one because angular glass table can be a little bit dangerous even if you place protective barrier around the edges. You can choose the one with wooden or metal frame depending on your taste. Glass table gets dusty easily, but at the same time, you will not have a hard time when trying to clean it. The maintenance is relatively simple.

If you want to have table with ample amount of storage, you also have plenty options. You can find a table design which is already divided into sections. It is equipped with drawers and even a sleeve to keep your newspaper spreads and magazines. This way, you can pack your items neatly. Hopefully you can find Tainoki side table that matches your needs.

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