• Bookshelves with Lights

    Bookshelves with Lights: How to Put the Light into the Bookcase by Yourself

    Bookshelves with lights are like everything the book nerds need to have. As much as they love their life, that is how much they love reading a book. Reading a good book can really open up those empty space in someone’s thought. This activity also turns someone into empowered and inspirational human being, as well as a well purpose-driven person. Yet sometimes it becomes a hassle when we can only read at night but the bookshelf doesn’t have any built-in bookshelf lighting. Don’t worry, because now, you can put it in yourself. Pay attention to these simple tips:

    Single Lighting for Single Bookcase

    If you only have a single bookcase in your house, then it is best to install single lighting too. Too much light usually will end up looking too bright as well as taking up too much electricity. It is recommended to put rite lite lamp just on top of the shelf to illumine the whole bookcase. There are tons of stylish bookcase lamps that could be installed. To mention one is battery operated picture light.

    Use Battery-powered Light Bulb

    If you want some eco-friendly lamps, utilize the battery powered light bulbs. These objects can be found in every electricity stores all around the world. With this, realization of having bookshelves with lights is just so much easier. The best part is, anyone can choose to adjust the lamp model into the bookshelf’s style. The models are varying; there are the one that can be folded over, or that one bulb that just shines at the corner top of the bookshelves. Moreover, there is modern lighting that can be controlled remotely by using a hand remote or phone. It would be very convenience for those who care so much about their electricity bills, right?

    Installing Built-in Lighting

    This one might be a bit risky, yet it worth the efforts. This tip requires a beginner level knowledge in electricity. By taking advantage of the power supply, you can place an outlet at just the right spots in your bookcase. Be sure not to place the socket too close to any easy inflammable surface like paper or plastic book cover.

    When installed properly, the lighting appliances within the bookcase would illuminate it beautifully as well as decorating the room nicely. So, what are you waiting for? Choose one of the above methods and install your own bookshelves with lights now!