Stringless Blinds with Practical Application and Safety Installation At Home

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Stringless Blinds

Cord is not available when you install stringless blinds. Mostly, this thing is called cordless blind due to such feature. You only pull it down and up directly on the bottom part of blind. The installation is simple and safer because no entangled stuff will be trapped. To know more about this kind of blind, check the explanation at below section.

Cordless or stringless blinds

Blind is useful as protection from direct sight and sunlight. It can be adjusted with various levels, such as moderate blind or full covered mode. Usually, you just install it with cord as control. You can pull it and then the blind come down. When you need light, pull it again and the blind will be opened or rolled above slowly. The blind relies on cord for all processes from opening, closing, and maintaining the moderate cover.

On the other side, cordless blind gets rid of cord or wire. You do not see any cord when close the window then open it automatically. Without cord, the blind looks plain as similar to curtain but attached directly on the window frame. You can use hand to reach the bottom of blind then pull it down slowly. The blind will cover entire window automatically. After the blind is not necessary, you can push the bottom part toward the top window. Therefore, the blind is rolled and attached at the top frame.


Installation and maintenance

Installation between cord and stringless blinds is quite similar depending on what model and design you choose. The blind may have the same configuration except no cord at all. You just install and attach it directly on window frame. On the other side, certain blind uses rolled sidetrack in left and right frame. In that case, the blind has its own frame and you must install to the window alongside this one. When pulling down, the blind uses this track to keep in window. Maintenance for cordless blind is quite different. Without the cord, you must ensure the blind can be pulled anytime. Moreover, you just pull slowly and carefully when using this blind.


Safety and availability

Cord and cordless blind have their own safety measure. Without cord, the blind is safe from the risk or trap that might happen on the cord. Animal, insect, hand, even children can entangle with cord. However, cordless blind is lack of capability when your window has the height that your hand cannot reach.

From explanation above, you know what this blind can do. Practicality and function are what people consider when installing this one at home. Furthermore, stringless blinds are more reliable when you need safety measure for the room.

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