Stet’s Lawn Care for a Professional Maintenance of Your Lawn

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Stet’s Lawn Care for a Professional Maintenance of Your Lawn

Stet’s Lawn Care is here for you who have a lawn but it is not well maintained because you are too busy taking care of it. This family-run lawn care business is based in Central Oklahoma. They have opened and managed this business for 11 years since 2010, providing professional gardening services to their customers in the Oklahoma City, Norman, and Moore areas. The work is very reliable with top quality service since they use professional grade gardening tools. Besides home lawn, they are also experienced in handling commercial lawn. Are you still hesitant to use the services? Well, the following reasons might make you sure to choose it. Just check them out.


Various Services Offered

While most lawn care providers only offer the cleaning services or rearranging the lawn, Stet’s Lawn Care provides a more complete service. Besides for the lawn, there are also landscaping and leaf removal services. Even if you want a SOD installation, they can do it. With a complete package, almost all problems about your garden can be solved effectively.


The Great Staffs and Equipment

As the other plus point, the employees do not just ‘do the job, and then go home’. They are all trained and ready to provide assistance in form of follow-up discussions on handling or maintaining the lawns after the work is completed. Therefore, you can at least do your own little lawn maintenance. Meanwhile, the equipment is all professional grades and really in good condition. Therefore, you can be sure to get the best deal.


The Fully Insured and Call Service Available

You do not have to worry because all the works they do are fully insured. This will certainly make you more determined to use the services. In addition, they also offer a call service for those who do not have time to come to the office to make an order.


Check the Existing YouTube Channel

Is there still a little doubt in your mind? Well, you can watch the YouTube channel that they are still actively managing. There, you can watch more than 50 videos, ranging from their work, testimonials from customers, testing the latest tools, to the tips and tricks that you can follow. This shows they are truly dedicated in this work. It is obvious that Stet’s Lawn Care is very attentive to the details of what customers want for their lawn.


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