Steps for Mounting TV above Fireplace Hiding Wires

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Steps for Mounting TV above Fireplace Hiding Wires

What steps should be taken for mounting TV above fireplace hiding wires? Well, it surely is long process to be done, moreover if you are someone with lacking experiences of dealing with wires and constructions. You may start to think to hire someone to get it done for you. It is a nice move for sure, but if you can do it yourself – bet that you will be head over heels with your achievement. We kid you not.

In order to mount a TV to the wall over a fireplace, you should think about where you should place the TV on. Is it hanging on the wall with brackets? Or, do you want it to be put inside a nook? If you decide to pick the first choice, then you can do these procedures for mounting TV above fireplace hiding wires.

  1. Make sure your wall is flat enough for the brackets. Otherwise, the brackets will not be placed on a stable surface.
  2. Measure where above the fireplace you should place the TV. Since it is a fireplace, heat is inevitable – hence you should consider about that as well. Check the temperature increase on the spot you want to attach your TV on. Mark the safe place to attach the bracket with cello tape or something that won’t go off.
  3. If you have access to the inner-side of the wall, then measure where you can make a hole for the cables. Prepare the nearest out way for the cables, and make sure that it can reach the power socket. You may consider bringing a roll cable so that your TV cable does not have to go too far.
  4. Make a hole with a hole saw in both in and out way for the cables.
  5. To make the cables neat, connect a PVC pipe with the same diameter as the previously made wall hole. While for the wall hole, you can install a wall cover.
  6. Now install the bracket and the TV. Put the cables onto the hole and make sure it comes out to the other side. After making sure that the TV has a stable attachment, try to turn it on. Your TV should be turned on immediately.

Those procedures above will be easier to be done if you have access to the inner side of the fireplace wall. That will be easier to have the inner side of the wall hollow – not filled with concrete wall whatsoever. But if you don’t have your wall like that, consider placing a call to a professional. Although you need more bucks to deal with the work, you don’t have to deal with such hardships for mounting TV above fireplace hiding wires.

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