SNOO Baby Bed Smart Features for Better Sleep of Newborn and Parents

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SNOO Baby Bed Smart Features for Better Sleep of Newborn and Parents 1

SNOO baby bed is a product that’s marketed with a promise to provide solution of quieter newborn sleeping, which resulted in better and longer rest for the parents. While by no means it is a fail-proof alternative, it does offer some definite helps.

Commonly referred as the SNOO, it was invented by Dr. Harvey Karp – a renowned professional pediatrician in the world of parenting for his book, The Happiest Baby on the Block. He was the one who introduced “Five S” method to calm baby: 1) swaddle, 2) side or stomach, 3) shush, 4) swing, and 5) suck. These approaches are based on the idea that during the first three months of newborns’ life, they must be treated like they’re on the womb, or to be exact like the last trimester of pregnancy.

Back to the SNOO bed for baby, it is a creation with full of technology. It features a speaker, three microphones, and motors that produce rocking motions. To activate the SNOO, you only need to wrap the baby on the sack of bassinet then clip it to the SNOO’s sides. After the baby is being put correctly, turn the item on by pressing button located on the bottom, or use mobile application that’s already installed. It will generate delicate rocking motion and play gentle rainfall-like noise.

SNOO Baby Bed Smart Features for Better Sleep of Newborn and Parents 2

The SNOO baby bed’s microphone will detect the baby’s cries or fuss, then send signal to the motors to increase the intensity of rocking motions and to the speaker to raise the white noise frequency in order to calm your baby down. There are four level of motions intensity, that will increase gradually until the highest level then reduce down to the lowest level when the baby is successfully comforted. However, if the baby keeps crying even when being rocked with highest level of rocking motions – probably due to other needs such as diaper changing or being hungry, then the bassinet will shut off and send notification to inform the parents that the baby requires their attention.

The application is one of the handiest features of the SNOO. It can be activated even when your mobile phone and the bassinet do not connect to the same Wi-Fi network, so you can control it remotely at considerable distance. It also offers more options of customization. An example of provided options of customization via SNOO baby bed’s mobile app is insight of newborn’s sleep patterns in span of weeks or months.

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