Sloped Ceiling Closet Solutions and Know What’s the Essentials First before Making the Closet

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Sloped Ceiling Closet Solutions and Know What’s the Essentials First before Making the Closet

Looking for sloped ceiling closet solutions? You are not the only one, and this is pretty common especially if you have unused room beneath stairs or in the attic with gable roof put upon it. Dealing with sloped ceiling may not be an easy thing to do, but if you know the essential guideline, you can have your unused room comes back to function.

You can read the sloped ceiling closet solutions in the explanation below.

  • First, determine the use. Remember that you can use the underneath space not only for closet but as a general storage. Therefore, you should set what the room is used first because for each usage there will be a different measurement. For example, closet will have different setting with book shelves.
  • Let’s say that you’re going to make a closet under that sloped ceiling. Now that you have known what the sloped ceiling is used for, you should know the basic requirement for a closet.

Sloped Ceiling Closet Solutions and Know What’s the Essentials First before Making the Closet 2

To make a closet, remind you that you’ll also have to install a closet rod to hang your clothes. Not to forget, it also has its minimum depth to ensure you that the hanger isn’t out from the closet itself.

According to various sloped ceiling closet solutions online, in general you’ll need minimum wall height of 42.5” to make an adult closet, given that the closet rod is placed 40” away from the floor. The higher the wall height is, the better. In the other hand, if you’re designing for a child closet, you may go with shorter wall height and no clothes will drape the floor.

It’s said earlier that there’s a minimum depth of a closet as well. Given that the maximum width of a hanger is 18”, add several inches in both sides. The safe number is at 24” (that’s also the number that many people go with).

If you’re making the storage for general use, then you don’t have to go with those measurement. But still, make sure that your storage is useful enough with great measurement to use.

  • How to add closet rod to the sloped ceiling closet
    If you have a sloped ceiling closet, consider to add a special bracket to help you attach the rod to the ceiling closet. Don’t forget to mount wooden cleat before the bracket and the rod per se.
  • Start building your closet from the angle. According to sources, you should first build the closet from the angled/sloped side first. This will make the process easier.

So those are some tips that you can apply to make your sloped closet. What if the wall height under the slope is lower than 40” and you’re not making a kid’s closet? Then opt to go with shelving—this may not let you to hang your clothes, but you can still use it as one of the sloped ceiling closet solutions.

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