Sliced Pebble Tile Shower Floor Ideas to Beautify Your Bathroom

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Sliced Pebble Tile Shower Floor Ideas to Beautify Your Bathroom

You can have an exotic bathroom by installing sliced ​​pebble tile shower floor. Nowadays, quite a lot of people use pebbles to design their bathroom. There are several reasons why they choose this natural stone. One of them is because pebbles will make the bathroom look more natural and artistic. Pebbles are also easier to maintain than ceramics. Besides having a variety of colors and patterns, pebble’s price is very affordable, so they are widely used by many people.

The common natural stone tile shower floor that’s often used is coral. Now, when installing these sliced pebbles, it takes its own art in arranging it. This is done, so the pebbles create a unique and artistic impression on the bathroom. Here are some ways to arrange the artistic pebble floor bathroom. You can choose one way that you like the most.


Made into Doormat

By making them into a mat or base for the bathroom, it doesn’t cost much, and you can make it yourself without the help of handyman. Well, to make it is also very easy. Just apply glue to the pebbles and attach them to the mat according to the desired pattern. If you do not want it to be used as a reflection tool, it is recommended to use only the flat part of sliced pebbles.


Distributed Irregularly

This design is usually used for gardens, pool edges, and so on. However, many also use this design to make sliced ​​pebble tile shower floor more aesthetic, especially if you use a bathtub because just spreading it out can make the bathroom much more artistic. It is highly recommended to use pebbles of the same color and size. Besides being used directly on the floor, this design is also suitable to be combined with other wood or stone. Moreover, if you have a bathroom or toilet with an outdoor feel, you can combine it with large ceramic tiles as a foothold, and then spread pebbles around it.


Planted with Cement

This one is the most common and most widely used as pebble floor bathroom design. Besides the floor, the design planted like this can also be used for walls, so it can produce more artistic impression. The installation is quite easy, and it does not take too much time. Just stick the gravel to the cement, and then fill the cavity between the gravels with cement. Pat it until it really sticks and wait for it to dry. The way to clean it is the same as ceramic, which is brushed. It is highly recommended to use the colored sliced ​​pebble tile shower floor to avoid looking dirty.


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