Scotts Summerguard Best Functions that Every Home Owner Needs to Know

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Scotts Summerguard

Scotts Summerguard is the perfect product to buy when you own a large lawn at home full of grass and plants. As we all know, keeping the lawn healthy and good looking is pretty hard, especially when you do not have the time for the maintenance and summer is coming soon. Why you need to use the product from Scotts? Here is the information about the main functions of it.

Protect the Lawn from Heat

The main function of Scotts Summerguard is to protect the lawn from summer heat. As we all know, during summer the heat of the sun can be extreme. If the lawn is not protected by the right product, the grass on the lawn will go dry and brown. That is why a reliable lawn food product like this one from Scotts is always needed.


Strengthen the Lawn in Drought

The product has the active ingredient of Bifenthrin. The Scotts Summerguard ingredients keep the lawn alive and well even when the condition of the soil is very dry. It is quite understandable that a lawn won’t have numerous supply of water inside of it during the summer time. Even so, with the lawn food from Scotts, it will get the proper nutrition to grow well all the time.


Killing Common Lawn Bugs

During summer, the lawn bugs will basically invade the lawn continuously. They won’t stop, not even a second. Bugs love dry environment and summer is the perfect time for them to ruin the grass on the lawn. If the lawn is invested with bugs, the grass will get dried and ruined. It won’t be safe to walk on the lawn as well because some lawn bugs bit, too.

Thankfully, the product of lawn food from Scotts is packed with active ingredients that not only give nutrition to the lawn, but also easily kills the insects and common lawn bugs. There will be no bugs left alive once you spray the lawn with this lawn food from Scotts. It will keep the lawn healthy, greener, and free from bugs even during the heat of summer.

It is now understandable that using the Scotts product is pretty essential to keep the lawn looks great and healthy, even during summer time. This is why every home owner needs to buy the product. It makes sure that the lawn is going to look amazing all the time under the scorching sunlight. The Scotts Summerguard gives ultimate protection and shields the lawn from damages and insects.

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