Sauder Storybook Bookcase Reference for Minimalist Kid’s Bedroom Furniture

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Sauder storybook bookcase

If you fortunately apply minimalist kid’s bedroom design, Sauder storybook bookcase could be a great reference of the right furniture to choose. As we know, decorating kid’s bedroom sometimes could be overwhelmed, but it’s still a fun project to do. Bedroom decoration ideas and furniture are the right combination you must concern to perform perfect interior design as you expect for. Therefore, when you are dealing with decoration project for kids, it is prominent to also consider about choosing the right bedroom furniture. Choosing the right furniture could be done perfectly through considering bedroom design theme.

To reflect a clean and cozy minimalist kid’s bedroom interior, Sauder storybook bookcase soft white can be the recommendation for you. White colored furniture will bring the cleaner and wider design. Besides provides the matched chic and minimalist bedroom outlook, this furniture also provides wide storages to store kid’s toys and belongings, including four-spaced shelves, two additional adjustable shelves, and also the book shelves to hold books, photo frames, and other  accessories as well. It has such as bin storage to let you teach the kids to put all their belongings back easily after playing. It will train them to maintain and clean their own room since now on.

Sauder storybook bookcase

In addition, Sauder storybook bookcase also available in several color types, such as salt oak finish and wooden style. However, the one in soft white could be the recommended one to be combined with minimalist design. Another thing you should concern is about the ability of bookcase storage to keep the room stay neat and clean because they could store the books, toys, and other accessories back to the right place after playing. Furthermore, the dimension of this recommended bookcase is 41.13″W x 15.5″D x 32.88″H which could be suitable to be placed in minimalist bedroom without taking the bedroom space, at all.

Moreover, this bookcase provides the five years guarantee. With that long guarantee years, it could relax you for several years ahead as it would perform durable and long lasting bedroom furniture quality. This matter supported by the facts that it is made by qualified engineered wooden materials which will not be damaged easily. Besides, the price is also affordable for most families since it will not cost you too much. Likewise, Sauder storybook bookcase is also categorized as the assemble furniture that could be easily carried if you are going to move away somewhere, later.

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