Retro Formica Countertops, and Why it’s Better than Natural Material

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Retro Formica Countertops, and Why it’s Better than Natural Material

Are you planning to use retro Formica countertops for your kitchen counter or bathroom? Formica is not a specific material that is used to make countertops. In fact, it’s a well-known brand name, but it is frequently used to refer to every plastic laminate that is applied to a wooden surface. Because laminate is a flexible material, Formica manufacturers a number of countertops in a wide array of designs and styles, including the retro one, and can indeed look like any other materials.


Dare to be different

You might have noticed the recent trend on the media that several new manufacturers produce kitchen and bathroom countertops using natural materials. It’s understandable that you will spend a considerable amount of money for the extra touch of glamor when you buy a new house. That is why quartz, marble, and any other stones have been a standard option for homeowners’ aesthetics.

However, while those materials are in high demand with an increase in availability, those kinds of stones are relatively expensive and cost over thousands of dollars. Moreover, it’s not free to have these things installed, and it requires a lot of maintenance. But retro Formica countertops still remain the most popular option despite the recent trend. Nearly 70% of residences still favor laminate counters because of their affordability, easy maintenance, and durability.


Custom looks

Retro Formica Countertops, and Why it’s Better than Natural Material

There have been some new innovations in a bathroom or kitchen countertops manufactured by Formica due to the growing popularity of natural materials used in many residences. Today, the new models are being manufactured to imitate the look of marble, granite, quartz, and other material surfaces. The artificial finish makes the countertops have a natural look without the high price. For the vintage enthusiast, you can get retro Formica kitchen countertops installed in your kitchen area at a low price and less maintenance.


Durability and easy maintenance

Retro Formica Countertops, and Why it’s Better than Natural Material

Besides affordable, the primary reason why many people still prefer Formica countertops over any other materials is their durability and easy maintenance. It’s way more rigid than other natural materials. It’s also easy to clean it up where you only have to use cutting boards to prevent scratches and pads to avoid burns or blemishes. During the cleaning process, it’d best to not using too much soap and water. It’s because this method will clog up the retro Formica countertops, especially around the edges where the water is able to drain underneath the wooden surface.

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