Removing Painted Popcorn Ceiling and the Things You Should Pay Attention to

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Removing Painted Popcorn Ceiling and the Things You Should Pay Attention to

Removing painted popcorn ceiling could be something you have to do if you want to have a ceiling with a more modern look. The use of this popcorn ceiling is commonplace in 70s to 80s houses. This was done because of the benefits of popcorn ceiling that can muffle sound from above or the second floor of your house. The price that was inexpensive also becomes the preferred choice among people at that time. You can replace the appearance of ceiling with a new one by covering it with other materials or removing it completely. However, most constructors suggest removing it instead of covering it with another material. Here are the steps you need to pay attention to remove the popcorn ceiling texture.


Asbestos Checking

Before you start removing it, you need to know that popcorn ceilings made before 1980 usually contain a dangerous material in form of asbestos. Asbestos is a mineral found in rocks and soil. It can be found in building materials, and commonly used for insulation and fire retardants. Moreover, it is also widely used in factory products, most commonly found in building materials for roofs. The danger of asbestos is that it can be airborne and enter your lungs. This can be a serious health problem. To find out the presence or absence of asbestos, you should take a small sample to check in the lab. If there is an indication of asbestos, you must cover it with other materials (plastic for example) before removing it.


Removing the Texture

After inspecting that hazardous material, you can start removing painted popcorn ceiling texture step by step. First, clean the area underneath all stuff, so later it will not be exposed to dust from the ceiling. Make sure you wear a mask or gas mask during the removal process. Second, apply a vinegar solution between the paints that act as a ceiling sealant to make it easier to remove. Lastly, use a utility knife or scrapper to start scaling and removing bit by bit. This method is time consuming, but it works.



Once you’ve removed all layers of popcorn texture, you can repaint your bare ceiling. Like painting in general, you must first rub it with sandpaper, so the surface is smooth and the painting results are maximized. Don’t forget to paint first with a coat of primer before the main paint. Removing painted popcorn ceiling by yourself is indeed tiring, but it can save you a lot of money.


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