Rectangle Glass Vase Details and What to Put inside It

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Rectangle Glass Vase

Rectangle glass vase is used quite often to decorate a living room. They are filled with many things in order to be eligible as the centerpiece in the living room. When you are considering buying a glass vase with rectangle shape, there are quite a lot of filler options that you can get. Those glass vases are not only suitable for flowers but also for many things else. Find out more about the vase down below.

Bright-Colored Flowers

The most common filler for rectangle glass vase is of course, flowers. However, being translucent, you can take advantage of the vase by filling it with bright colored flowers or any types and any height. Even the flowers on the bottom are going to get seen by those who are looking at the vase. This is why you can easily be creative with flower selection when the vase is made out of glass and translucent.

Colorful Candies

A long rectangle glass vase can be filled with practically anything. It does not have to be flowers or even plants. Instead, the vase can be filled with colorful candies, like Skittles or MnM. They are very bright and colorful. They make an interesting centerpiece for the living room as well as providing delightful snack for the guests, especially for those who have sweet tooth. If you do not like candies, anyway, replace the filler with small cookies or bit-sized candy bars. They can be used for nibbling as well. It is like using glass vase as a jar, but it works so well after all.

House Plants

It cannot be denied that a vase is best to be filled with plants. Small houseplants, such as any of the succulent type are going to be fit in glass vase. The rectangle shape makes it easier for you to arrange the plants. They can be mixed as well with several leafy plants to make the centerpiece bigger and more noticeable. Keeping a houseplant in the living room is going to give you more oxygen as well.

When you are planning to get the glass vase, do not forget to consider who lives in your house. If it is packed with small children, do not get the vase. They like running around the house endlessly and may damage your glass vase. They can hit it, broke it into pieces, and eventually hurt themselves accidently. This is why buying a rectangle glass vase should be well-considered.

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