Quarter Sawn White Oak Cabinets Details and Advantages that You Should Know

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Quarter Sawn White Oak Cabinets

Buying quarter sawn white oak cabinets is surely one of the best decisions you can take for your house. Quarter sawn wood is basically semi-processed wood in which four chops of wood are joined together or combined into one, strong log. It often becomes materials for high-end furniture items, including cabinets, headboard, chairs and many more. It surely has advantages, such as:

Quarter Sawn White Oak Cabinets Details and Advantages that You Should Know

Stronger and Denser

The wood is basically four different pieces of lumber combined and pressed together. Of course, it becomes denser and stronger. Having furniture made out of this kind of material will make sure that the piece of furniture is going to last for decades. It has the best durability and when it is properly care, you do not need to worry about the woods being chipped or getting flaky from time to time.


More Beautiful Grain

There are four quartered chops of wood combined together when making this kind of material. This is why the grain is so unique and it makes the appearance of quarter sawn white oak cabinets really interesting. They have unique “freckles” on its surface and it contrasts with the white or light overall shade of the cabinet. It does look beautiful and unique.



The wood is semi artificial. It has been to the factory once when they are being combined together. Not being a fully natural wood means that the maintenance of the wood is not too needy. All you have to do to keep the cabinet nice and clean is cleaning them up with mild soap and warm water. It is enough to keep the cabinet clean.


Reasonable Prices

Quarter sawn oak cabinet cost is higher than regular oak. Well, oak is not particularly pricey but quarter sawn one is. The process in combining together chops of wood needs efforts and special attention. This is the reason why the price is slightly higher. However, considering how beautiful and durable the cabinet will be, the price is still considered as reasonable.

Those are certainly the advantages you can get from buying the oak wooden cabinet. It is beautiful, strong and definitely reasonable in prices. You should be able to get the quarter sawn oak wood furniture in your local manufacturer. It is pretty exclusive, so you may have to pre-order in advanced. Even so, getting quarter sawn white oak cabinets is going to worth all efforts in the end.

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