Primitive Curtains with Stars: What and How Should They Be Accompanied With

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Primitive Curtains with Stars

If you are a fan of country styling, you should definitely check out the primitive curtains with stars as an option. This curtain models are very suitable to present primitive or rustic feeling around the house. This style really embraces village aesthetic look. Thus, the use of primitive styled furniture really compliments the warmth and simplicity it offers. Also, it would suit wooden flooring and ceiling the best because of the natural vibes it creates around.

This country style curtains really do have so much furniture and styling preference to be paired up with. Those are listed as follows.

Organic-based furniture and ornaments

As aforementioned, using organic-based furniture throughout the house really expose the nature side of the house. There are some really nice ideas about it, though. What is often used are putting pebbles or any earthy materials in certain places or spots in the house. These could be a resemblance of furniture, like dinner table foot that is made of joined gems, or flower vase that created with cemented stones. These gems would be a beautifier that worked best together with the primitive curtain.

Nature-colored pallets

Aside from what material they are made from, it is important to pick just the right color to match the curtain. Primitive curtains with stars are usually provided in nature-colored pallets, such as grassy green, brick red, stone grey, or rustic blue. These colors extract the primitive side of the curtains and bring it outside, evoking calm yet stylish scenery around the air.


Handmade decorations

The third reference is almost similar with the first point, but generally different. Handmade meaning something that you create yourself. By putting handmade decorations, you will emphasize your personality a lot throughout the house, as well as creating the feeling of owning the nature of your own home. To be simple, try putting your handmade wooden dinner table right at the opposite side of the dining room window.

The fact is, there are more preferences beside those three. Yet, those are some of the simplest ideas that almost anyone can follow through. Putting up primitive curtains on your window would feel so much more complete with those items being around. Also, don’t forget that you can always put some stellar-themed items like a rustic telescope facing the window for addition. It would really fit the stars on the curtains well. But first, be sure to grab those primitive curtains with stars first, as it is the main item for your rustic room.

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