Price for I Joists in a Building Project

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Price for I Joists in a Building Project

Many people need information about the price for I Joists in a construction project. The most typical approach to structurally frame an upper floor in a home or commercial structure is using an I-joist. A good I-joist should be light, extremely strong, simple to install, and dimensionally stable. How much does it cost?

Factors Influencing the Price for I Joists

Floor systems are an important consideration when pricing a construction project, and there are several aspects that might impact the price of I-joists, such as span and depth, to name a few.

Project type

This will help identify what size I-joist will be most appropriate for the project, such as whether the joist will be used for a floor with an apartment building, a domestic residence, or an office building, or whether the joists will be utilized to construct a flat roof.


The span of a structure is the distance between two intermediate supports, such as an internal load bearing wall and another internal load bearing wall or a steel beam. The length of the span influences the size of the I-joist. Greater spans need thicker, deeper I-joists, whilst shorter spans can have thinner I-joists. In certain cases, a deeper joist is less expensive.


This is another influential factor that determine floor joists costs. A deeper joist might be advantageous when the designed I-joist must cover greater distances without the use of intermediate supports such as walls.

Buttress Wall

A buttress wall is an above-floor partition wall that provides support to another wall, causing increased loading on the I-Joist floor in the area. Extra loading would be introduced during the design phase where that wall is placed.  However, this sometimes needs additional materials in the construction of the wall.

Example of I-Joists Price

As mentioned above, there are a number of factors affecting how much I-joists for sale are. A simple home construction project using 12 ordinary domestic I-joists with depth of 400mm, and a span of 6000mm, for example, would cost around $1400. This pricing is based on the building’s clear span and is susceptible to change depending on any intermediate supports, stairwell voids, waste pipes, or other structural issues that break up the clear span.

If the structure lacks a defined span and intermediate supports such as metal beams or load-bearing walls are necessary, this breaks up the span and will surely influence the price for I Joists.


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