Prefab Homes under 10K: Is There Any Prefab House Kit in Such Price?

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Prefab Homes under 10K

Is it possible to have prefab homes under 10k? It seems like what people said that ‘nothing is impossible’ is a true thing. That’s a fact that prefabricated houses within that budget are possible to have. So, if you have been wondering when you will be able to purchase your own house, you got the answer. Check out this list of cheap, prefabricated house kit that charges you with less than $10,000.

Smithhaven house kit

Smithhaven house kit

Sized 160 square feet (10’ x 16’) Smithhaven house kit is one of the best prefab houses under 10k that is worth-researching. Asymmetrical design it has, so you won’t need to see boring boxy shape every day. The house kit is definitely ‘open’ for any purposes and you can save money by purchasing the kit, if compared to build a tiny house from scratch.

What’s good from this prefabricated house is that the kit includes all you need to build your house. All parts of the house are numbered, step-by-step instruction is written clear, and hardware to fasten the parts is also included as well. Have accompany to make this kit of $8,878.00, and you’ll never forget it.


Allwood Palma 3 House Kit

Allwood Palma 3 House Kit

At $9,180.00, this Allwood Palma 3 is what they call as perfect kit of prefab homes under 10k. With floor-to-ceiling big windows, expect nothing but a fully bright house that you won’t regret of having. That way, you can cut the expenses for lighting.

This one prefabricated house kit is rectangle-shaped, yet it’s quite spacious with 176 square-feet width which has no partition at all. Therefore, the size of each space is definitely on your own decision.

You can also upgrade this prefab house with additional 12-foot alcove. For that feature, you’ll only need to add a kind amount of $795 – and the price will still be under 10k. What’s there to complain?


Arched Cabin Kit

Arched Cabin Kit

If arched cabin is your current obsession, consider taking this prefab house kit under 10k with you. Arched Cabin Kit also comes with a bunch of size options that offers arched cabin—just like its name—and a tall ceiling. Such kind of ceiling, added with a window wall, will ensure you to have a spacious feeling.

With 384 square feet in size, which comes from 16’ x 24’, the kit costs $8,850. With that cost there comes two-bedroom and an open living area. A full second story can be built as well—which definitely enhances the value of your tiny house.

So, those are some options you can pick and go for tiny and cheap prefabricated house. Which one of those prefab homes under 10k that you’ll consider to go with?

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