Polymeric Sand Flagstone to Fill the Gaps and Protects the Joints

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Polymeric Sand Flagstone to Fill the Gaps and Protects the Joints

You may consider polymeric sand flagstone after your patio is finished. At the backyard, you can redesign and rebuild the new patio. With several considerations, you pick flagstone as material for pathway. It creates unique appearance with asymmetric style. After you lay all stones, there might be a problem. You see the gaps between the stones. Some of them look tight and small, but the rests are bigger. The cement might be the best choice, but you should think about artistic aspect. In this case, you should pick the polymeric sand.


You can use polymeric sand flagstone for two purposes. It will fill the joints, so you do not see the significant gap. Small sands can enter perfectly. Moreover, you do not need to worry about the dirt and gravel even the seed and grass. The sand creates natural protection and cover. If you use cement, the water and snow might be still on the patio that may lead to dangerous situation.


Pros and cons

The good thing about this sand is it is relatively affordable. Furthermore, you can install it easily. Polymeric sand has small size that can fill any joints even in the difficult spot. You do not get this capability when using cement. When building a patio, the most difficult section is in the corner or tight spot where you will find more spaces. Adding cement is out of option. As solution, you just need to spread the sand and make sure each gap is filled. Another good thing is polymeric sand colors to make the appearance more attractive.

One issue is you should prepare to add more sand regularly. Water or anything can wash it away because you only fill it. This issue is common when you use the sand excessively. Even though the sand can protect the soil, the grass might appear incidentally. Polymeric sand can stay longer and more solid, but not forever. That’s why you must replace and add more when there is nothing left.



Installing this sand is simple and easy. You need to get enough amounts. After that, prepare the broom. Spread the sand directly on the flagstone. With the broom, make sure you fill properly and firmly. Check again to ensure everything is done. You may combine with other solid materials as long as they are capable to prevent the grass and gravel.

For your information, this sand is not natural material, but it has the same characteristic as the real one. It will get along perfectly with the flagstone. That’s what you should know about polymeric sand flagstone.

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