Plaster Crown Molding and Its Features for the Room Decoration

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Plaster Crown Molding

There are many ways to decorate interior, and plaster crown molding is one of the options. Crown molding can be necessary part of house interior. Even, it can also be found in the exterior decor. Crown molding gives great texture and details for the house. Instead of leaving the wall and ceiling without any decoration, adding the crown molding is good option. Moreover, there is plaster molding to give many benefits.

Crown moldings have been applied to the house decoration for years. It is nice way to fill the space between wall and ceiling, so it is not only an empty corner or edge. In this case, plaster is popular material to choose. Of course, there are some points to obtain from these plaster crowns. These are some of them.

Easy installation

First interesting point about this crown molding is its easy installation. The plaster crown can be easily installed due to its material characteristic. It is different from the other material in term of weight. Plaster is known for its lightweight and it gives flexibility in installing the crown. Moreover, plaster crown molding installation can be easy since it does not need nail. It only needs glue or adhesive. These will be enough to hold the crown for years.


The plaster crown molding does not have natural characteristic. It is different from wooden crown molding that cannot last long because of the moisture and water. The plaster can deal well with these natural challenges. Even, when it gets exposed to sunlight, the crown molding will not easily expand. This less possibility of expansion also gives good durability since it will not ruin the whole construction or affect the condition of ceiling and wall.


In term of design, of course the plaster crown has variety of designs. This cannot be separated from the characteristic of its material. The material is easy to shape. There can be many forms of arches, circles, and other angular shapes. Even, details can also be added to the surface of its crown molding. These great points become nice addition for the home decoration.

Those are some great features offered by the plaster materials of crown molding. There are many other options, but they are lack of durability when it has to deal with the water and moisture. Moreover, plaster has nice lightweight to give easy process of installation, and it does not require nails. In order to make crown molding look great, it can be painted based on the room decoration or theme. These features surely become considerations of choosing the plaster crown molding.

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