Pan Decking for Concrete Job: What Factors Affect How Much It Costs to Be Done

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Pan Decking for Concrete Job

Pan decking for concrete is corrugated metal sheet that formed with a goal to be poured of structural concrete over it. It supports the curing concrete so it stays in place. The original version of this material was mostly used in 1940s to 1960s. Nowadays, it isn’t manufactured again, but the term stays and often used to refer to steel form or metal floor decking.

Here are some essential details to know about pan decking for concrete:


There are many factors that affect the metal deck price, but the most significant one is steel cost, which fluctuates a lot. Generally, the cost ranges between $6 and $12/sq ft.



Gauge refers to the thickness of the steel, which also affect the cost of this material. As you can guess, the cost gets pricier the thicker it is.


The metal deck types

There are various metal deck profile types, in which some of them cost more than the others. Some custom order types like acoustical and cellular types are definitely more expensive by square foot.


The metal deck finishes 

There are plenty of options when it comes to metal deck. Again, different finishes cost differently. The most common metal deck finish type is galvanized metal decking, which more or less is the standard for most metal floor deck jobs and projects. Another option is gray prime-painted finish, which is widely-used for hidden metal deck.

Job size

As it applies to all construction-related jobs, the size of the job impacts the cost significantly. Obviously, there is going to be a price different per square foot in a project that involves a couple thousand sq ft and a few hundred sq ft areas. You’re going to pay more, the squarer footage that the job is required to complete. It may seem as a no-brainer for some people, but it’s still needs to be consulted with the professional contractors that work with you for the metal pan decking for concrete job.

By now, you have read some of the most essential factors when it comes to the metal deck and its pricing, in case you are interested in this job. There are still some factors left that aren’t discussed above, but the ones mentioned should be enough to give you some estimation of how much cost you need to put out. Further questions you have with pan decking for concrete job should be discussed with your hired professional contractors according to your circumstances.

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