All You Need to Know about Overseeding Zoysia

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Overseeding Zoysia

Overseeding Zoysia is a process that needs to do when you cover the lawn with this type of Asian grass. Zoysia is a great kind of grass. It looks amazing all year long and it does not need a lot of maintenance as well. However, the process of overseeding or thumping the lawn with other kind of plants/grass is sometimes needed. Find out more about it down below.

What is Overseeding?

Overseeding is basically covering the Zoysia lawn with other types of plants. Zoysia seed can be used as well but the point here is to make the lawn greener or look even better by combining Zoysia grass with something else. The benefit of performing the method is basically to enhance the look the lawn when the Zoysia starts turning brown during colder time.

When to Overseed?

The time for overseeding Zoysia is when the fall is about to over. Why so? Well, the grass is resistant to cold weather during winter. However, the texture and look of the grass are going to slightly change during the colder weather. That is why the lawn must be overseed with something else rather than Zoysia before the winter starts. The end of fall is the perfect time because the weather is still tolerable and warm enough to perform the overseeding process.

Choice for Overseeding

The best choice for overseeding the Zoysia lawn is the bluegrass. Rough bluegrass is such a wonderful type of grass to work along the Zoysia in filling in the lawn. Bluegrass does not turn brown during the winter time. This is why the bluegrass can replace the look of the green lawn temporarily while the Zoysia is dormant during winter time.

Maintaining Overseeding

Maintaining overseeding is quite tricky because you will have to make sure that the new grass planted on the lawn is growing properly but the Zoysia is thriving as well. To make sure that this happens, water the lawn every day and check for the growth of each type of grass. Use fertilizer when needed and mown the overgrowing, tall grass to enhance the look.

Now that you know everything about overseeding Zoysia lawn, you can consider making sure the lawn is going to look great and beautiful using the method. Make sure the process is well-considered in advanced, so you can plan to overseed the lawn in details. The process of overseeding Zoysia is going to take some times and it needs to be well-planned.

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