Ooba Tooba Granite Brief Guide for Kitchen and Bathroom Purposes

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Ooba Tooba Granite Brief Guide for Kitchen and Bathroom Purposes

Ooba Tooba granite (Uba Tuba Granite) is one of the most popular materials for countertop kitchen these days. It is a good granites option in the market because it produces in massive amount and can be shipped worldwide, making it more affordable compared to other materials. It is quick on making its way to be people’s favorite, not only because the budget friendly benefit, but also because of its versatile color variations. It can be easily found in many tiles and counters of kitchen as well as bathroom in many houses.

The granite is mined from Brazil. It composed from mica and quartz, for the most part, just as the other igneous rock granites. As it has been mentioned above, the production level of Ooba Tooba granite in Brazil is very huge, it used for the countertop and tile by shipped in enormous blocks of stone to all over the world. It also goes by several names, depending on the stone yard or the fabricator that sell it. For instances, you might find it referred as Green Labrador, Verde Labrador, or Verde Ooba Tooba, according to the quarry section the stone is mined for.

The digging location also affects the Ooba Tooba granite color variation. It varies a lot in terms of color option, just like the other natural granite stone. The ones which called “Green” or “Verde” usually appear in bright green color. But the dark green is its primary color. Aside from the green one, there are black, brown, white, gold, and turquoise colors. The brightness level also varies, there are lighter or darker shades, that again, depends on the section where it came from. The pattern of the granite is a tight grain that can range from half dollar size to apple seed size. Few surface types have little veins with most patterns consist of larger or smaller quartz pieces.

To protect the granite’s interior from wearing off by the time, its surface needs to be sealed. Most of the time, the contractor will automatically put the sealant when installing it. The maintenance is quite easy; all the owner has to do is wipe the stone with moist fabric, with just appropriate amount of water. It is not advised to use harsh scrub brush or sponge because it might be too abrasive. Using dish soap is fine, but it might be built up overtime on top of the granite. Instead, it is best to use lemon, orange cleaners, or vinegars to clean the Ooba Tooba granite.

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