Oldcastle Planter Wall Block Design for the Best Garden Bed

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Oldcastle Planter Wall Block Design

Everyone who loves gardening might have known Oldcastle planter wall block. Gardening is one of the best productive hobbies. It will make people calm, make their house look beautiful, and contribute to turn back the nature. Besides helping you build the garden, planter wall block also looks aesthetic, easy to manage, and has a quick installation. To make it more beautiful, the good garden bed must be needed. Here are some options of bed design using planter wall block.

The Basic Raised Garden Design

This design is a square boxed garden bed. To make this, you will need at least 12 wall blocks. You can design the square to either be a rectangle or square. To make the garden bed strong, 12 wall blocks are needed to hold a 48-inch x 48-inch volume of dirt. If you want to make a bigger garden, you will need another 6 wall blocks to extend another 48 inches. This concept is common around the world. It is a simple yet beautiful design for garden bed.

Two-Tiers Garden Design

It is almost identical to the basic raised garden bed, but this bed will have two levels. The two-tier design is commonly shaped like a rectangle. You can create a level by reducing or increasing the number of Oldcastle planter wall blocks. Reducing two wall blocks will result in reduced one level, which means you will need four wall blocks. If you want to make a 48-inch x 96 inch two tiers garden bed, you need 16 wall blocks instead of 18. It will give the garden bed depth of complexity and make it look cooler.

Three Tiers Garden Design

Using the same basis of two tiers garden bed, you can make three tiers. Instead of reducing the first level into only two wall blocks, just raise the third level by using eight blocks. Therefore, if you use normal design of 48-inch x 72 inches, you need at least 26 blocks. Using these Oldcastle planter wall block designs is good to show the different kinds of plants.

T-Shape Garden Design

As alternative, there is T-Shape garden by using two or more levels. The basic idea of T-shape is by making garden bed into T-shape. You can design the T-shape into any number of levels you want. The commonly used design is by using a two tiers garden bed. The number of blocks used is 24, making one garden bed level lower instead of increasing it. This is a complex style, but it can show any kind of plants in garden. It will also make the garden more beautiful, thanks to the Oldcastle planter wall block.

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