Oberlander 2 Blade Ceiling Fan for Your House Furniture and Decoration

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Oberlander 2 Blade Ceiling Fan

In fact, the name Oberlander 2 Blade Ceiling Fan might sound unfamiliar to the public. However, if you are the interior designer or you like electronic equipment, you may have heard of this fan. Unlike the modern ceiling fans that we know today, these ceiling fans have unique shapes. Yes, this device has two small orbit fans with many blades. In the theory, this is certainly good as it can increase the airflow in the room. With the increased airflow, your body temperature will drop faster because of the faster sweat evaporation process.

For your information, this ceiling fan is quite rare to use, especially in the modern style buildings like in urban areas. Moreover, the Oberlander 2 Blade Ceiling Fan does not need too much electricity since the driving motor is not too big. This is also influenced by the fan blade size itself. The bigger (longer or wider) the blade, and with the drag (the force opposite to the direction of motion of the object), this will slow down, reduce airflow and increase the fan power consumption because the motor is working harder and cause a higher sound that may disturb you. Having a smaller blade or amount can reduce the drag but that will cause the resulting airflow to decrease.

In addition to the fan with many blades, it turns out there is also fan with one blade. This one blade ceiling fan is quite rare in ordinary homes since the price is much more expensive than ordinary one. In this case, it feels normal because this fan besides being used as furniture, it can also be used as unique decoration. The fan comes with modern design and has more sophisticated technology. Some ceiling fans have an aerofoil profile as well to produce high airflow for cooling the room and your body with low turbulence without disturbing noise. It is such a big deal, right?

When compared to the many blades fan, the fan with one blade certainly has more advantages. However, you surely do not need to be discouraged. With an ordinary fan as long as it has good quality, the wind rotation produced is no less strong. Besides, in terms of ceiling fan designs that are quite rare and seem antique, having two smaller fans with different sensation of wind makes Oberlander 2 Blade Ceiling Fan also no less attractive than a single blade fan.

Nice Design and Good Functionality Offered by Oberlander 2 Blade Ceiling Fan

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oberlander 2 blade ceiling fan

When you are looking for ceiling fan, oberlander 2 blade ceiling fan can be good choice. There are many products of ceiling fans, but it can be good reference. Of course, there are many reasons that make this fan is recommended for you. The blade offers something different compared to other products and it is interesting to see what the ceiling fan can provide.

It is true that the ceiling fan from Oberlander can become good reference when you are looking for new fan. Fan can be necessary in the house and it can be good alternative in case you are not going to have air conditioner for the room. There are some interesting things to give and these are some of them.


When you look at the design and appearance of oberlander 2 blade ceiling fan, you will fall in love. This is good option for you who love something that has good characteristic and uniqueness. It is what the fan tries to offer. The design of the fan will be quite different because of the two extra blades, as what is mentioned in the name.

Then, positioning of the blade and its circulation will give such unique accent to the room. This can be great option. Moreover, it is made from metal with finishing of English Bronze. The brayden studio oberlander 2 blade ceiling fan makes the fan has bold and attractive appearance when it is mounted on the ceiling.


Function of fan is clear. It is to distribute the fresh air and give better air circulation. With the fan, the function can be achieved and it can be more than what people can expect. Although the name of this fan includes words of 2 blades, it does not mean that the fan has two parts. In fact, it has three fans. In other words, you get two extra fans. All of these fans will work to distribute the air in all directions. Based on the dimension, it can work effectively in small or medium room, so it can be great such as for bedroom.

Those are some good points offered by the fan. It is not just like common ceiling fans. There are some better things offered by the fans for those who want to have better air circulation in the room. Then, there is also unique design that will make it good part of home decoration. Surely, the oberlander 2 blade ceiling fan will be useful and attractive device for your room.

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