Nigel Thornberry Shower Curtain for Smashing Shower Session

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Nigel Thornberry shower curtain

As the meme smashes the world, this Nigel Thornberry shower curtain certainly splashes the world with! Any Nigel Thornberry fan must buy this shower curtain because it will remind you of the nostalgic 90s and the silliness of this show. In fact, any people of culture that feeds off internet memes should have this shower curtain. Because who doesn’t want a picture of a red-haired mug from a 90s cartoon taking a bath next to you?

The Nigel Thornberry shower curtain originates from the “Smashing” meme that came from the Nickelodeon animation “The Wild Thornberrys” way back in the 90s. As any great childhood shows, it gained a lot of fans forming a quite considerable fanbase. Back in the good old days when the internet was first sprouting, people are coming up with many ideas to give reactions or creating relatable ways to communicate. Then, remembering this famous show back in the 90s, they decide to create the “smashing” meme. The smashing meme itself derived from the quote made by your favorite wildlife enthusiast Nigel Thornberry in The Wild Thornberrys show.

While the meme doesn’t bode well with time, this quote still resonates a lot with any Thornberrys fan today. So, to commemorate that famous quote, the fans made the Nigel Thornberry splashing shower curtain. It’s a funny parody to the “smashing” meme with Nigel butt naked and taking a bath as the design. The design itself takes a lot from the show’s art style that makes people fall in love with the meme. As the show is about wildlife documentary, you can see the aquatic animals swimming around Nigel. However, as a funny twist, they are designed as a knockoff Nigel and it really captures the tackiness and weirdness of the 90s animation.

What Makes the Wild Thornberrys Movie Shower Curtain Interesting to Apply

Sometimes, you want to apply something different and unique and even eye-catching. You may apply it anywhere at home including in your bathroom. You can do something simple in which you just need to apply Nigel Thornberry shower curtain. One of the things that makes this model looks interesting is the main character. Nigel Thornberry is an eye-catching and charming character. The image also match with the place where you want to put the shower curtain, your bathroom. Some of your guests will notice with the character and it makes them went back to the 90s. By the time you enter the bathroom, you will see a big and clear Thornberry character which is originated from Nickelodeon animation entitle the Wild Thornberrys. It might makes your friends laugh when they enter your bathroom. 

Nigel Thornberry Splashing Shower Curtain Style

Nigel Thornberry shower curtain is a perfect shower curtain for those who want to apply a funny and cute bathroom style. For people who already know the character and the movie, they will smile and even laugh by the time they enter the bathroom. It is a funny parody where you see Nigel naked and take a bath. It seems that you will be accompanied by Nigel while taking a bath. What a funny thing that you are taking a bath with an animation character, right? The overall image will make your bathroom looks cute and fresh along with aquatic animals swimming around Nigel. This is the reason why your bathing time will never be the same again after you put the Nigel Thornberry shower curtain in your bathroom.  

Coming in at a very cheap price tag for an item of legendary status, this shower curtain is just as good as any curtains in terms of performance. Coming in at 72 by 72 inches it’s large enough to cover up any cultured men or women. With that beautiful smile and the waterproof polyester fabric, you don’t have to worry about water splashing outside your shower. Accompanied by 12 C-shaped holes that will hook itself rigidly, it’ll properly hang and display the masterpiece that will make anyone entering your bathroom enlightened. To lift the weight out of your shoulder, this Nigel Thornberry shower curtain is machine washable, so you don’t have to worry about Nigel not washing all of his body properly.

The Reason to Install Nigel Thornberry Smashing Shower Curtain

To make you sure that you have to install this Nigel Thornberry smashing shower curtain, you need to know the reason. First, it is a matter of the design. The design is funny and cute, especially if you love Nigel. Indeed, it reminds you of the animation movie and you can take a bath while memorizing one of your favorite scenes. Second, this shower curtain for those who want to install a cheap shower curtain. Although it is a cheap shower curtain Nigel Thornberry smashing shower curtain is durable enough so you can use it for a long period. 

Third, you don’t have to get confused with the size. Nigel Thornberry shower curtain is designed with a standard size for shower curtains. You will get 72 inches x 72 inches shower curtain to install in your bathroom. Because it is the standard size, you don’t have to customize anything. You just buy and install the shower curtain right away. Fourth, you must buy a durable shower curtain that works just like its function. Due to this need, this shower curtain is made from polyester fabric. The special part of Nigel Thornberry shower curtain is that it is a waterproof shower curtain so water can’t splash through the shower curtain. Fifth, this shower curtain is easy to wash, you just need to remove the curtain from parts. Then, you can put the dirty shower curtain into the washing machine. Just wait a few minutes and you will see the shower curtain clean. Just make the shower curtain dry a little bit and then install it back to the parts. That’s it! You can use it back to cover up your body while taking a bath. Just the funny image of Nigel who appears.   

The Way to Make Your Bathroom Interesting to See with Nigel Thornberry Smashing Shower Curtain 

The good news is that Nigel Thornberry smashing shower curtain is a flexible product. You can apply this shower curtain with any kind of style or accessories. Let say, you can apply white ceramic for the floor and wall. If you want to put a mirror in the bathroom, you can just use a gold frame. Some colors such as white, gold, yellow, chocolate, and blue are perfect to make yourr bathroom balance and interesting to see. Those colors will make the image of Nigel clear and it becomes the focal point of the bathroom. Nigel Thornberry shower curtain is perfect whether for a small or large bathroom since it has been designed based on the standard. 

The Detail of Nigel Thornberry Shower Curtain

Nigel Thornberry shower curtain is made from fabric material. It is 100% polyester fabric. Because of that, this shower curtain is strong and durable enough. You will not smell any bad odor. Moreover, the image is printed using a digital printing technology. This technology keeps the image clear for a long time and it doesn’t fading even after you wash it several time. To keep the quality of the material and the image, it is better to use a cold water. It is better not to bleach or tumble dry the shower curtain so you can keep the quality. The waterproof polyester fabric material will make your bathroom clean because there will be no water splash outside the shower curtain. The most important thing, you can make your bathroom looks interesting and eye-catching by installing Nigel Thornberry shower curtain. The funny design will make everyone who enters your bathroom smile. Although it is a decorative shower curtain it doesn’t lose it function. The material is thick enough and it protects you perfectly so people can’t see you take a bath. What they are about to see is the image of Nigel who takes a bath with his aquatic animal friends. The price is also cheap for a high-quality shower curtain.     

It seems that Nigel Thornberry shower curtain is a good option so anytime you enter your bathroom, your bad mood will change right away into good mood after seeing the imagine of Nigel. You can also spend a little bit longer in the bathroom to clean your all parts of your body just like Nigel. Nigel Thornberry shower curtain is suitable whether for your bathroom or guest bathroom. Indeed, you have to try to use this Nigel Thornberry shower curtain to create something different in your bathroom.  

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