Modular Homes Under 100K: What Kind of House Can I Get?

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Modular Homes Under 100K

Is it possible to have modular homes under 100k? Of course, it is really possible—even you can find modular, or known more as prefab/prefabricated house with only the half the price. However, keep in mind that the more money you spend, the more facilities you can get. Well, that’s the fact of life.

Each manufacturer owns its own price set, but in general the price isn’t that much different one from another. Afterall, it’s about a kind of price ‘rivalry’—the cheaper you offer the product, then the more customers will be attracted to the product. Additionally, to help low-end customers, they can even go lower in price. However, indeed the narrower the house kit will be.

Let’s start at the base point of $50,000. What can you get from modular home kit $50,000? In general, you will get:

  • Around 1,100 square foot house
  • Two bedrooms, one bathroom
  • Small kitchen

It sounds perfect already for a small family or a couple living with their junior versions.  But keep in mind that such budget will only cover the manufacturing price only. So, with such price, you cannot cover the price of these aspects:

  • Additional site work
  • Additional customization
  • Buttoning up
  • Shipping price

Even if you are purchasing a prefab house priced $100,000, you won’t cover those aforementioned four aspects still. Hence, it’s a sure thing that you’ll need to dig deeper your bank account to retrieve additional bucks.

What about other modular homes under 100k but more than 50k? As the price goes higher, then you will get better features for sure. Each manufacturer offers different features from their manufactured prefab homes under 100k, so always know first how many features that you’ll get for the price charged on you.

At 100k, you can get even a two-story prefab house. Or, a one-story house yet with larger ratio of width and length. Well, it’s you who choose. Below is the common feature a modular home which is close to 100k will have:

  • Around 1,500 square feet to 2,200 square feet house. You can have it one or two story.
  • Three or four bedrooms
  • Up to two bathrooms
  • Wide spare room that you can benefit from to make your office, dining room, living room, or even an additional bedroom.

With such price range ($50,000-$100,000) you can choose from any of these house styles:

  • Ranch
  • Cape cod
  • Two story
  • Chalet

So, what’s more to wait? Set your budget and ask the modular homes under 100k manufacturers what kind of prefab house you can own referring to your budget.

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