Metal Wainscoting in Corrugated Style to Make a Better Room Decoration

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Metal Wainscoting in Corrugated Style

When you want to decorate your house, you can try to use metal wainscoting. It is not a new way of designing interior. Even, wainscoting has been used for years and some old houses have this as the nice part of interior. It is great to have the wainscoting, and it can be installed in various parts of your house.

When talking about wainscoting with metal material, there are various model and pattern. Each style has different concept and art to offer. In this case, one of the easiest types of wainscoting style is corrugated metal wainscoting. This is very common to find in house, and it can work well in various decoration themes. Of course, it can be applied in many parts, and there are some great ideas for you.


First, the corrugated metal can be applied in the wall of your stair. Instead of using the plain wall, it is better to add some texture and the corrugated wainscoting is great choice to add. Its texture is suitable for the staircase, especially when it is rounded staircase. It will not make the design less boring due to its corrugated style.

Wall around firehouse

When you have firehouse in your house, it will become one of the central parts. Then, it can be better central parts when the wall around it is replaced or protected by the metal wainscoting. The corrugated pattern on the wainscoting will give different style and it makes the spot more attractive. Furthermore, the wainscoting has metal color, so it is like pointing out its charm.

Rustic roof

The wainscoting is not only applied on the wall. In fact, it can be applied to the roof.  Roof can be decorated by using the wainscot to create the rustic or even the vintage style of interior. The metal characteristic and color become the main part that makes the interior look better. Then, it can be combined with great woods to support the roof. These can be applied in some spaces or rooms in the house, and bathroom can become good reference to choose.

Those are some ideas of applying corrugated wainscoting in interior design. It may not be popular lately for the decoration, but it still looks great, and even it can change the vibe of house. The corrugated metal is great choice to take. The simple design and tone color will certain make the rooms look better. Moreover, metal wainscoting can be combined with various materials at home.


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